General do i have a WWE2, Disco, or flyrea tablet

Discussion in 'Android Devices' started by wolficestorm, Jan 28, 2012.

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    Good evening everyone

    I am thinking i am posting in the wrong section, but seeing as i have no clue what tablet i have i thought i would ask here. First off it is a 10" tablet that came with the usb keyboard (there are two usb ports), and it was not until i read a thread on how to use usb to flash did it dawn on me i could use a male to male usb cord to do my data transfers :)P go me!)

    Anyway here is what the ad advertised what it was:
    10" Android Tablet - like the Ipad
    CPU iMap220 1Ghz Operation system Android 2.2(Supports Adobe Flash 10.1) Memory RAM:512MB Storage Device 4GB NAND Flash Camera 2.0 Mega Pixel LCDSize 10.1 inch high brightness TFT screen ,16: 10 Widescreen, 1024*600 WIFI 802.11b/g,WIFI Built-in I/O Port USB interface *2 30 pin interface,Stereo Audio out x 1 TF Card Port x 1; 1 x HDMI Port electric current 220V Input,9V DC 0utput,2A Battery 3800MAH*2, 3.7V Lithium Last time WIFI On:5 HRS;WIFI off:7HRS Color Black/silver Audio High-Fidelity stereo speaker output GPS support RPK format map Video Support MP3/Audio Format;Support 3GP,AVI(320*240)/Video Format;Support Video online.

    Confused? I know i am. I looked on the box but all it says is 10" MID Tablet
    When i installed and ran "android system" to get a read out of what i have (nice little program btw) here is what it is telling me

    Release code name: REL
    API Level 8
    CPU ABI armeabi
    Manufacturer/board are unknown
    Brand Generic
    Device wwe10
    display FRF85B
    Host flyrea-desktop
    ID FRF85b
    Model wwe10
    product wwe10
    Android version 2.2

    i looked at the web for flyrea, no dice, and wwe10 was not much better. I have already rooted it with gingerbreak (i know it was for gingerbread, but with no usb debugging i could not run z4root, and with no usb i could not run super one click) and then removed some system apps already (ones i know i could remove). But i find it out that some programs such as factory reset is not in there nor is usb debugging...

    anyway, i thought maybe someone might have a idea on what it was so i could do better searches so i will toss this out there


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