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Do i have the latest update for my samsung exhibit 2 4g?Tips

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  1. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    My phone says android 2.3.5 and kernal version If this is not the latest version how can i get it? i just purchased this phone yesterday.

    I guess not my friend got the same phone few days ago and i just looked at his and it says android 2.3.6 so how do i get the same update cause everytime i click on software update it says no firmware?

  2. aap

    aap Active Member

    The update needs to be installed via Samsung Kies. If you install the latest Kies from samsung.com and then run it and plug in your phone, it should offer you the firmware update.

    If it does not notice your phone being plugged in, you may need to turn off "usb debugging" under settings / applications / development.
  3. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    yes ive tried downloading it with samsung kies with the usb debugging off still no hope it will go threw the dowload process and my phone will turn off and then on showing android guy and says downloading do not turn device off then a few minutes i wait and then a pop up shows on my pc screen from kies saying pc cannot recognise your device something like that and tells me to remove the usb cable then remove the battery put the battery back in and turn on your device and try to download the firmware again which ive tried over n over but no hope :(
  4. maxwelbd

    maxwelbd Active Member

    I had mine for about a week. After installing Kies on my PC and hooking the phone to the PC, then it automatically offered the update to 2.3.6. I wasn't looking for the update, it just popped up in the notifications on the phone, so I accepted and installed. I haven't really noticed any difference with 2.3.6 but the phone seems stable with its occasional laggy-ness.
  5. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    Nevermind guys but thanks for the help i ended up downloading kies onto a different pc then plugging my phone to my computer and everything went perfect and i now have android 2.3.6. i guess somethin was goin on with my computer is why it couldnt complete the download.
  6. maxwelbd

    maxwelbd Active Member

    That's good news. BTW, there is a new thread today called "a new update" which I believe is a new Samsung update. I followed the link, installed the newest version of Kies for the desktop, and when connecting the phone to the PC with Kies running the firmware update came up automatically. Did the install and now I have Android 2.3.6 with the latest Baseband Version from Samsung T679UVLG3. I have noticed the phone is much more responsive. Scrolling from screen to screen is smoother than before.
  7. Droid4g27

    Droid4g27 Well-Known Member

    yea same here the phone seems better after the update the only thing i dont like is the wallpaper doesnt move when u slide the screen anymore.

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