Do i need a antivirus for my samsung galaxy precedent?General

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  1. nt98t4f

    nt98t4f Member

    Hi this is my first smartphone and i was wondering if i needed a "Antivirus"
    to stay safe while im surffing the web .And if i do what are my options?

  2. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    Many people on here that am smarter than I am will tell you that you don't, and explain it very well. I am not being sarcastic, I believe them. If you do need that security blanket go with Lookout Security or Avast.
  3. nt98t4f

    nt98t4f Member

    OK im interested on the explanation why i dont need a antivirus??
    And ill probably go with "avast"
    Thnks Chris
  4. Unforgiven

    Unforgiven -.. --- - / -.. .- ... .... Moderator

    For what its worth, thats what I have on my phone:D. I think its a coming from windows thing. I'll try to find a thread where it has been explained and post a link back here for you. Good luck:)
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  5. Rukbat

    Rukbat Well-Known Member

    Avast is good. As far as why you don't need one, the script kiddies haven't learned to write Linux scripts yet, so only real programmers can write viruses for Android - and if you know how to write real programs you don't waste your time writing viruses. Give it time though, and even iPhones will need antivirus programs.
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  6. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

    I use Lookout on my phone and my tablet (have also used Avast and liked it too). There is malware out there for any operating system. It's rare for Android but any risk is enough for me to install something that aims to prevent infection.

    Why not? They don't use very many system resources, they're free to install, and may stop my stuff getting trojaned. It doesn't seen very smart to me to leave the possibility open when it's so easy to prevent.
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  7. CjWelborn

    CjWelborn Member

    My precedent is rooted, so I can take advantage of Avast's Anti-Theft feature. I can basically control my phone from my wife's in case it gets stolen or lost. I can get its GPS location, lock it, send messages, turn a theft alarm on, and alot of other stuff. As long as the battery is good anyway. I know there are other ways to get that, there's other apps, or something for more advanced users, like Tasker for example, but Avast's custom installation package lets me name the Anti-Theft App whatever I want, and hide its existence in my app drawer so it's not easily recognized by a potential thief. I keep avast just for that reason. I download some pretty sketchy stuff sometimes, things that may damage my system if I don't use them right, or things from individual coders that I don't know. Just a breeding ground for viruses/trojans/etc. ...but so far Avast has not warned me about anything, or detected anything. I just like the Anti-Theft I guess.

    Edit: I didn't see the last post, akashik already said it :)
  8. akashik

    akashik Well-Known Member

    It's good to bring this thread to the top once in a while. For what it's worth, since my last post I've switched back to Avast. I recently saw a study done on mobile virus scanners (can't remember where or I'd link it). Avast came out right at the top for detecting a ton of stuff.
  9. sudiptam

    sudiptam New Member

    I'm interested in installing an anti-virus app for my Android phone and heard good things about Avast.
    But the problem is that I've very less internal memory (190 MB on my Samsung Galaxy ACE)

    My question is... when installed, do I have the flexibility of moving the Avast App to my SD card or it has to reside in my internal memory?

    Also, is it light weight? I mean typically how much battery power, RAM, processing power does it consume when running?
  10. Subbie138

    Subbie138 Member

    If you are comfortable with the process, root your phone and install Cyanogen mod. After that, you are free to move applications to your SD card. It also allows you use all of Avast's anti-theft features. You can get a 32 gig micro SD on Amazon for twenty bucks, and never worry about space on your phone again.

    I'm crying right now; changed my life.

    Edit: Oh, I just saw the part about Galaxy Ace. I thought we were talking about the Precedent. Please disregard.

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