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  1. bjumpsnota

    bjumpsnota Member

    I've has my mytouch 4 since launch. Recently my battery is taking forever to charge. On a 7 hour charge I only made to 70%. My battery life has gotten a little worse but nothing major. I've been using the same charger and outlet the whole time.

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  2. coop521

    coop521 New Member

    Is this forum the same as i see on T-mobile forums. If not how do i sign up for the T-Mobile Forum. My Id didnt work on there. Coop521 didnt work..:(.... Help
  3. coop521

    coop521 New Member

    I purchased my phone in Jan 2011 and 4 months later had a battery issue. I was sent one, however also had 5-6 replacement MyTouch4G phones, then same issue again and I was told i would need to purchase a new battery. Unemployed so LOL i have to recharge it 2 times a day even with charging overnight Not sure this really helps you, but u. R not alone!!
  4. bjumpsnota

    bjumpsnota Member

    Just an update- I pretty sure my battery has went down the crapper. Anytime I'm on my phone for more than about 5 minutes it shuts off and is all of a sudden dead. Then sometimes it won't fully charge overnight but I'll restart it and it will magically be back atty 100%.

    I've ordered a battery from amazon for $7, I'll let you guys know what happens
  5. zacharum

    zacharum New Member

    Batteries are ridiculous... They will mess up a lot on a phone. I am starting to wonder if the problem I am looking at is because of my battery...

    Any Advice Anyone??

    ***So I just got this MyTouch 4g on from some guy for 60$. Everything works fine except the microphone doesn't pick up anything. Not during calls, not during voice recording. I originally thought it may be just the mic being bad so I hooked up my headset and tried voice recorder and calling someone. Neither worked. When I hooked up the headset it came up with the icon that has headphones and a mic coming off of them. When I pulled into the parking lot the guy and I were going to meet at I called him to make sure the guy in the car I thought he was in was the right guy. He picked up the phone and said "Hello" and I was able to hear him just fine. He was on the same phone that he gave to me. The only thing that we did was take his SIM card out, put mine in, and do a factory reset. Nothing else. Any ideas on this?***

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