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  1. desgnr

    desgnr Active Member

    When i use the Internet i cannot close the tabs.
    If i click the X on the right of the tab a new tab pops up.
    I even tried touching the X with a pen tip so i am sure i am not touching the + to the right of the tab.

    I called tech support & they reset the Galaxy Tab.
    But still have the problem.

    Also the Smart Remote won't work to turn on my Sony Flatscreen TV.

    Am i doing something wrong ?
    Can you close your tabs on the Internet.

  2. hmgaffney

    hmgaffney New Member

    Check settings on your home page eg: "open in background" or others.
    RE: remote, it took me a few scan attempts to find the code for a JVC.
    Then I had to follow numerous prompts to finalize the remote.
    It works fine now and this is with JB

    Make sure you are pointing correctly?[I wasn't at first]
    Just a suggestion.
  3. desgnr

    desgnr Active Member

    How do you point correctly ?
    What can you do wrong ?How did you get Jelly Bean & do you like it better ?

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