Do I need caller ID? (Rogers network)

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  1. ChocoRain

    ChocoRain New Member

    Do I need caller id for my EVO 3D? Cause I have all my friend on my contact book on my phone, so should I get caller id and get charged 12 dollar extra for the bundle. (caller id, name display, voicemail, and a bunch of other useless feature)

    Phone: HTC EVO 3D
    Carrirer: Roger

  2. DonB

    DonB ♡ Spidey Sense !! ♡ ™ Moderator

    If you don't you will not know who is calling you, even though you have your contact list, your phone still needs the caller ID to cross reference your contact for you to know who is calling.

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  3. glarbdarf

    glarbdarf Member

    It certainly is a pain - Rogers charged $5/m just for caller ID, but it is very useful so I just end up paying.

    Wish there was a way around it.
  4. mel4

    mel4 Member

    Why it's working fine for text message? GoSMS found and match the contact. Voice is not working the same?

    By the way, I'm also looking for a caller ID and a voicemail without using those expansive service from my carrier.
  5. guitarplayer16

    guitarplayer16 Active Member

    Go with the Add-On Value Packs from Rogers.

    I have the $16 value pack with 500 outgoing texts.

    - Call Display With Name Display
    - Enhanced Voicemail
    - Voicemail to Text
    - 500 Sent Text, Picture & Video Messages
    - Unlimited Received Text Messages
    - Mobile Backup
    - Ringbacks
  6. BingoRingo

    BingoRingo Well-Known Member

    Just threaten to cancel because you're going to Wind (or whatever new carrier is in your area) because for less you got caller ID and voicemail.

    They'll give it to you.

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