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  1. rloverload

    rloverload Member

    Thanks for the fair warning, but I have to ask, the nuclear detonation wallpaper, intentional, or an unintentional hilarious coincidence of a visual gag?

  2. blaxican25

    blaxican25 Well-Known Member

    one question what can the lg connect do that the esteem cant?
  3. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Stay started without rebooting j/k lol.
  4. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    Just read that the temp is normal as.long as it don't go over 140f or60c so all is well with connect
  5. demarsjcd

    demarsjcd Well-Known Member

    i know you said the battery cant go beyond a certain temp but is that reading for temp or cpu? Those are two way different temp readings. I know you really good with computers, I just know what your going through and know you dont want to get ripped off.
  6. budde2

    budde2 Well-Known Member

    In the Manuel it says for the over all so i asume cpu cuz. on the battery it says 104 mine don't go over 106 107 anymore the first few days it was like 117 120 but like i said know alls well
  7. mk_ultra19

    mk_ultra19 Well-Known Member

    This is very true!! Project : Magic Lamp, Carnivore..... hail ECHELON!!!
  8. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    supervisor didn't call me back.. gonna call tommorow.
  9. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    almost all specs are doubled. 3d excels by a large margin, its much more snappy too. battery isn't lasting longer than 8-9 hours tho. yet.
  10. justainchoe

    justainchoe Well-Known Member

    I'm not getting a new phone from metro until it's released with ICS. The Esteem is great for what I need, and I doubt these other phones are going to get ICS OTA soon (or at all).

    The hardware upgrades are nice, but I just spent $250 AR 6 months ago. Unless metro comes out with a Driod Razr Maxx or Samsung Note anytime soon, I'm sticking with the Esteem.

    Kanaida, I'm pretty sure you can get a free exchange in the first 30 days if there is a manufacturer's defect. Go to a corporate store and ask for their Start of Service forms and the policy is located on the bottom. I'm pretty sure that not all LG Connects are overheating after 15 minutes of gaming.
  11. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    I'll try, but you can only refund if it's 1 hour or less talk time, and only if you get a new number, not keep it. Doesn't make sense to me but ill see if I can exchange ir
  12. Ære

    Ære Well-Known Member

    HTC One V will have 4.0 ICS Hardware will be the same as the Galaxy Attain.
  13. kanaida

    kanaida Well-Known Member

    They got back to me, I've passed the information to their development team so they can look into it. They told me if they do identify it as a problem that they will do something to correct it, either software, battery etc... so good news guys.
  14. Ære

    Ære Well-Known Member

    Return policy is New Activations only. 1 hour of talk time or with in 7days which every comes first. New number/new phone only.

    Keeping existing number - Final Sale. same number/new phone.

    If it's a new number or an upgrade (keeping you number) and from within 30days of purchase you can get a free warranty exchange.

    After 30days - Two options. In Store is $30 or if you prefer a special order (which is cheaper) you can do so, the order will take 3 business days from 1pm on the day it was ordered and will cost upon pick up $10.
  15. khemskii

    khemskii Member

    i have lg connect and ive searched and came across this forum great stuff and yes im having the same issues of the overheating today was the first time it asked me to remove battery so that it can cool down, if i may ask tho, how do i get to take a screenshot? so that the next time (hoping it wont) i can get a pic of it. but yes we do need to get it fixed! i also had some questions i ran some benchmark tests and i understand its a dual core 1gb ram, BUT the tests ive been running deny this? maybe its new phone and software of the programs havnt been updated but any ideas? other than the one i have?
  16. epayne123

    epayne123 Well-Known Member

    HTC One V will only be 3G so it will not be the same thing as the Attain just to clear things up. This really upset me because I would definitely get this as it is an HTC device but the 3G only KILLS it.
  17. khemskii

    khemskii Member

    just little summary about myself i had the lg esteem for about 2 days i didnt really get to mess with the phone i did perform a quadrant standard test on it and it performed lower than the galaxy tab and i di it on this phone(connect) and performed above it so i can say thats good:)but this phone has been great their have been times where ive been trying to do so many things at one time that it laggs but no more than 2 seconds does it bounce back and respond
    but other than that great phone, ps. ive never had a smart phone till now so yeah.
  18. hvrc

    hvrc Well-Known Member

    has anyone tried swapping to a lipo battery instead of li ion :D
    ive done that with my 360 controller, a battery with a higher c rating will last longer, having the same mah, then the smaller rating. im trying to find one that will fit in my phone, single cell with a massive c rating, the problem is wiring of the battery/tray.
  19. epayne123

    epayne123 Well-Known Member

    Ya not sure if this will hurt the phone due but don't see why it would.problem being the compatibility though but once again i don't see why if it fits it will hurt the device as long as numbers are on par
  20. unicyclist

    unicyclist Well-Known Member

    Just throwing this out there:
    I knew about the Connect overheating during normal use, and while charging. The problem I just had (this very minute) is that the phone has been in my pocket, in a cool room, screen off, not doing anything, & I noticed my leg getting hot. The phone is over 100 F while it's supposed to be sleeping! No wonder battery life is so short!
  21. iown

    iown Well-Known Member

    omg sweet im so happy i didnt get this phone... after all its not much of an upgrade over the esteem!! I will be waiting for the next phone. :D

    DONLATINOHEAT Well-Known Member

    Only time I will upgrade is when they come out with a phone that has the spec's of the esteem with the new dual professor and it comes out with ice cream Sandwich
  23. airtioteclint

    airtioteclint Well-Known Member

    I haven't noticed any overheating problem but then again I've only had mines a day now.I have however have been experiencing flickers or jumps when watching youtube videos. anybody else having this problem? I've tried uninstalling the update and reinstalling but nothing has worked so far. too bad i gave my esteem away because the connect is definitely a downgrade. the faster speed is unnoticeable while the smaller screen IS.
  24. pastafarian

    pastafarian Pâtes avec votre foie Moderator

    I don't know how this got left here for so long, but this is moving to the LG Connect section.
  25. THE W

    THE W Well-Known Member

    maybe i need to try playing some games cuz i havent had my phone get so hot that it burned and i've had this phone since it came out. it does get warm when i have the 4g on and im streaming stuff but not so hot that i get a warning.

    im rooted and i used rom toolbox to turn the max MHz down to 756 and that seemed to help it a lot. usually i'll have my phone propped up against my covers and it will get hot then(still not absurdly hot).

    i still say the battery that came with the connect isnt powerful enough for this or any 4g phone and is being overworked.

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