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  1. lesa1175

    lesa1175 New Member

    I tried updating my Kyocera Zio today via WiFi. After numerous downloads and installs and rebooting I ended up with my phone in a 5 min reboot cycle. Reverting from the Kyocera logo to the back keys lit up and black screen to just black screen and repeat. I watched it do this for 2 hours and headed to t dealer that I bought the phone from and was told that the update was only available from them. After telling them it was on the site Feb. 28 and was a selection available to update my phone and did! She called a [tech.] that told her that if the main screen could not be viewed or accessed that it was bricked. Then I was told "I'm sorry, theirs nothing we can do for you. We don't even have that model in stock." I want my phone to work or a new one Cricket! Class action suit?:mad:

  2. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

    Hello lesa, sorry your having trouble with your cricket Zio.....My Zio messed up also from ota, and this is what I did to get the cricket update on mine......First go here Kyocera ZIO - Downloads and download the PC Suite Software, this will make sure you have what drivers and all you need to hook your Zio phone up to the computer, hook your phone up to your computer and make sure it connectes,......................then go here 2.000CR.5_HW0104.msi and download and save to your desktop, this is the 2.2 update for the cricket Zio, once it is saved to your desktop, double click on it to start, it may give some direction, but since your phone isn't loading all the way just click ok and it should connect and put your phone in Modem Download Mode, which it will say that at the very top of your screen on the phone. Just let it run, it should only take about 10 min. or so to load, I know on mine it took a few to start showing in the progress bar but just wait it will start showing, then the phone will reboot and you should be good to go with 2.2 froyo on your phone. Hope this helps and get your phone back up and going
  3. timtek

    timtek Member

    My wife and I both just upgraded last night with little trouble. I wonder what the difference was. Were you 2 rooted or anything like that?
  4. gig1percent

    gig1percent New Member

    The same thing happened to mine. It's bricked. I tried clearing all of the memory with fastboot and reflashing from my computer, but it doesn't work. The updater the released does not seem to contain an If I had the I could possibly manually update using fastboot.
  5. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

    Yes mine was rooted, but I bought it that way from someone, and they said they put it back to stock, but they didnt, they just did a factory reset, but they played around in the phone while it was rooted and I think they deleted some things out of the phone...anyway they had it all messed up and it wouldnt
    ota update, so that why I had to do it the way I stated above.
  6. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    Mine was not rooted, and it did the same exact thing. I called Kyocera and they said its normal to go into a reboot cycle for more than 30 minutes. Ok great so it should have finished 20 minutes ago then cause its nearing an hour!

    I tried the above method for recovery, but the phone constantly reboots, so that method is moot since the computer bleeps when it connects and then bleeps 5 seconds later as it disconnects. I may just hack the hell out of this thing and use it for something else. I'm a Network Engineer by trade, so it cant be all that bad.

    Thanks Kyocera, and THANK YOU CRICKET!:mad:
  7. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    I called support back at Kyocera and now they are saying that the first of the 3 updates takes 15 minutes each, and then thats where they get 30 minutes total . . .
    WHAT?! The first 2 took 5 minutes each! I'm on the third now and its been an hour!

    Then they tried to tell me that the third update will take 3DAYS!! F**k you! U crazy? What phone company releases an update that takes 3 F**ki* days!! You morons!!
  8. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    Here again, it won't connect to the computer because it is in a constant reboot mode . . . I'm gonna try to fastboot hack it and I'll post back the results if its successful.

    Actually you simply left something out.

    Download the .mis file from above and go ahead and install the drivers needed as well.

    Now pull the battery on the busted POS phone.

    After you re-insert the battery, you hold both volume keys on the left AND hold the power button, but keep holding them and don't let go.

    Now it should say "Modem download Mode !!" on your phone screen.

    Plug in the USB and let the computer install the goodle com11 or whatever it is on your PC drivers.

    Execute the .msi file this guy referenced above after the drivers are installed.

    Now it will recognize your phone and prompt you to begin reflashing it. Mine is at 90% now and still going!! YESSS!
  9. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    After it finished, the program on my computer said successfully.

    The phone turned off.

    I powered it on.

    Got the Kyocera logo for about a minute - minute and a half. Then a black screen that lasted about 3 minutes.
  10. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    Now it skips the Cricket and Android logos and I have my new lock screen and original wallpaper!! It works and its alive!! Running nicely I might add compared to 1.6 Do-Not

    I did a factory reset after this so its a clean install and its running nicely while texting talking and install a bunch of new apps. Normally it would have frozen up a few times by now.
  11. hiten13

    hiten13 New Member

    My zio I believe is wiped...I tried to reset it using command prompt and now it wont turn on at all! It charges but no power! I also can't load in Fastboot mode either. Cricket is not helping and are trying to coerce me into getting the ascend but I hate the phone. Someone help me please
  12. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    It was a bad idea using command prompt to do anything with it. Can you not get it into Modem upload mode? This is not fast boot. Fast boot is hold power and call at the same time.
    Modem upload is hold volume and power at same time while powering on.

    Of course cricket wants you to buy a new phone. Its money to them and they no longer make nor sell the Cricket Kyocera Sanyo Zio from what a Cricket rep I know said.

    I would recommend pulling the battery from the device. Next plug it into the wall charger via usb.
    Now put the battery back in and close the case.
    Hold down the power off/end call button and BOTH VOLUME BUTTONS AT THE SAME TIME.

    If done correctly, the phone will enter modem upload mode. From there its completely salvageable and you can be on 2.2 in less than 10 minutes.
  13. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    I am also told that you can use the image linked above and upload it with "bootloader" manually, but if its not powering on (and you are absolutely certain it isnt on with just a blank screen), then your battery or hardware is bad. If its still doesnt power on when plugged in (with the battery in BTW), then your hardware has been damaged, which doesnt occur from flashing or updating.
  14. poler166

    poler166 Well-Known Member

    so when i get the modem upload mode on the phone do i wait 10 mins or is there more to it please write back
  15. shereeweaver

    shereeweaver New Member

    ok so ive tried this numerous times..i dont know what the hell im doing wrong..everythings installed fine..but everytime i click to update the one box about configuration doesnt ever fully load but the other box already says what to do..i do it and tadaaa 'enter download mode fail'. Please help, why is this just happening to my phone i mean its not even rooted.

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  16. shereeweaver

    shereeweaver New Member

    k i got the update to work but it goes to 98% then....this.

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  17. MikeColione

    MikeColione New Member

    If you're having trouble with the update, you can go to a Cricket company owned store and let them update it... it takes 10 minutes and you are out the door with everything (including contacts, apps, etc) still intact. If you rooted it, unroot, and get it back to factory condition before you go.
  18. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

    Sorry wasn't trying to leave anything out, I just didn't have to do any of that with mine...all I did was download the PC Suite Software from the kyocera site, and downloaded and saved the 2.000CR.5_HW0104 file from and ran it and it put my phone into Modem download Mode.
  19. Trivious

    Trivious Member

  20. Trivious

    Trivious Member

    Yeah, it wasn't automatic like that for a large number of people. Not meaning to diss you in any way, but I was clarifying because most people are not so savvy. :D
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  21. shereeweaver

    shereeweaver New Member

    ok so how the hell do i do this on windows 7? it opens the program but the status box never opens..ive tried on vista now windows 7 and no help...ugh!!
  22. ventovic

    ventovic Well-Known Member

    Lots of people were having trouble with vista and windows 7 with XP works the best, you would think the newer the better, but in this case its not, win 7 and vista gave me a fit, but XP was great and fast.
  23. el.jeffe58

    el.jeffe58 New Member

    I did mine via wifi right into the phone without a hitch. Got lucky I guess. Love my Zio. Had a Huawei this better actually. Oh well. My first post here.
  24. EatMyRobot

    EatMyRobot New Member

    My update was done through the Ziclusives Facebook Fan page. I think most of the people having issues on install had rooted and removed the Uno, and bowling game. Those were said to also function as markers for a carriers specific upgrade and by removing can mess up an install/upgrade. Every upgrade past this point will most likely be community grown as this phone while actually quite of jewel, is just an entry level smart phone. Since adding wifi tethering and rooting last night by simply using the App Market this phone is absolutely perfect for $65 unlimited.
  25. ninamarie91

    ninamarie91 Member

    hey i did my update 2day and it went fine...
    at ur nearest cricket corp. store they have a sheet that gives yu exact instructions on what to do...hope it wrks

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