Do Orange actually know anything about ICS yet?

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  1. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    Hi guys,

    I'm looking at a Galaxy Note as my next device which ships with Android 2.3. Now, Samsung have confirmed that they will be upgrading to 4.0 early this year (I presume that means before June)
    I have tried to speak to orange to see if they are singing from the same hymn sheet and low and behold, having spoken to 4 different "Advisers" NONE of them had a clue what I was on about. Doesn't bode well.
    I speak from experience, I'm sat here with my HTC Desire, on 2.2 after being promised 2.3 for 4 months before Orange decided that 2.3 was never going to happen.
    Can't help thinking that Orange will not release 4.0 for kit which has been in the field for a few months!!
    Yes I know I could root but I don't have the balls, knowhow nor inclination to do so. :D
    So anyone heard owt? :cool:

  2. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    You'd think that, being a telecoms company, the people that work there would be clued up, but I have yet to hear from anyone who seems to have an idea about this sort of thing.

    I've heard (from other friends) that their network providers are as bad though... so it's not just Orange!

    I had a text chat with an advisor from Orange about the Galaxy Nexus (think I posted the conversation in this forum) and she seemed to know what I was on about and what ICS was... they're not all that bad! :)
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  3. dnapro

    dnapro Well-Known Member

    I currently work for Orange and pride myself on the knowledge i have around mobile phones and networks, that however can't be said for some others who work there but then that isn't Orange's or the agents fault really, some people just aren't that way inclined about technology.

    I would hope anyone you speak to on a level 2 technical call queue would know exactly what ICS is, as for frontline staff knowing when software updates are being released we don't get told anything i'm afraid. I've worked on all call types including Data Support Level 1 and Premier in Orange and normally the staff are the last to hear anything lol, I had to manual check for my ICS update on my Sensation XE ha ha ha :)
  4. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Don't get me wrong... I was not meaning to slate all Orange employees, but sometimes you have to wonder if the company actually keep their staff informed of what is going on.

    There was a whole "will they/won't they" discussion about the Galaxy Nexus and whether it was coming to the network on here, including a copy of a web chat conversation I had with someone from Orange and, from some contact agents, the answer was yes and from others the answer was no... it just wasn't very clear :confused:

    It's a shame, as I know that some really wanted the phone. I actually came to Orange from O2, as they didn't do the DHD... I am not due for a renewal yet, so it doesn't matter to me! :):eek:
  5. dnapro

    dnapro Well-Known Member

    Hey it's all good, i didn't believe for a second you were slating anyone ;) If you ever need any Orange related help please just shout, I'l try my best to resolve any problems or answer any questions ;)
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  6. D-U-R-X

    D-U-R-X turbo drinker Moderator

    Hey... it's always good to have someone on the inside! ;)

    Cheers :)
  7. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    Stop when is it due ;-)
  8. Prso9

    Prso9 Well-Known Member

    I emailed Orange about ICS and this is their reply

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  9. Vicdude

    Vicdude Well-Known Member

    Immense ;o) Absolute rubbish..... (In my diary for 14th June & July) I will eat my hat if we have it by then....

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