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Do the factory reset after updating to ICS!Tips

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  1. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 Well-Known Member

    I know that idea has been thrown around on here since the OTA...but...

    My phone seemed to be working fine without doing the reset, but I did it anyway (2 days after the update) and I'm glad I did...

    Several little things came to life on my phone after the reset...all my apps were restored by Google, as well as my contacts and everything...no good reason not to do the reset.

    It did make a difference...

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  2. Jerzie

    Jerzie Well-Known Member

    I found this to be the case for me as well. Did it a few days after and what a difference. Highly recommend.
  3. digdug1

    digdug1 Well-Known Member

    im glad you made this post. ive been saying this over and over lol. there would be a lot less negative posts about ics if everyone would follow your advice :)
  4. Kelmar

    Kelmar Done by choice VIP Member

    I'll fourth this! :D
  5. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    I reset mine the second it rebooted from the ICS install and my phone is much much smoother than it was on Gingerbread. Battery life is about a day to a day and a half.
  6. Drekkyk

    Drekkyk Active Member

    Mine seems snappy with good life. Should I reset? What's the procedure and expected outcomes in doing so?
  7. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

    "Smooth"? As in it scrolls smoothly? Since doing a factory reset after ICS, the scrolling feature is somewhat jerky or hesitant. When I click on, say, apps to bring up all the apps, there is a waiting period (black screen with a "I'm working on it" icon. Lots of pages don't "pop" on the screen. I'm also getting a lot of disconnects, no service, modem bars are lower. How good (or bad) is Verizon about acknowledging problems and getting fixes sent out?
  8. HTTR

    HTTR Well-Known Member

    What do you lose by doing this? I assume all settings but your apps remain?
  9. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

    My apps did NOT remain. I thought I had taken care of that before the reset by downloading a program called AirDroid. I thought it was supposed to back up your apps to another device (in my case, my laptop) and then I could transfer them back to the phone. Either I misread the description or couldn't figure out how to trasnsfer them back to the phone. Also thought Google stored them but did the AirDroid thing as a backup. I did make a list tho and ended up having to redownload them all.
    Called tech support this morning. Agent was having all the same problems I mentioned. He said there will be some updates soon. Here's hoping!
  10. irishjoeyo

    irishjoeyo Well-Known Member

    What process are people using to do the post-ICS update factory reset? Is there a best process?
  11. Ridgerunner665

    Ridgerunner665 Well-Known Member

    I did the factory data reset...settings, privacy, factory reset...select to erase all data.
  12. lmarsh21

    lmarsh21 Well-Known Member

    What if you're rooted and want to do the factory reset? Will you loose root after that?
  13. rnlcomp

    rnlcomp Well-Known Member

    When I reset mine I still had root.
  14. rnlcomp

    rnlcomp Well-Known Member

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  15. Lars

    Lars Well-Known Member

    Go to play.google.com from a pc and then click on my android apps in the upper right. From there it will tell you what you had installed and you can remote install what you need.
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  16. carracerz14

    carracerz14 Well-Known Member

    You never lose root with a factory reset
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  17. chris4x4

    chris4x4 Well-Known Member

    I didn't do a factory reset when I installed I c s on my phone and everything is running smooth and functions properly.
  18. monicakm

    monicakm Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the tip! I hoping tho that I could have backed them up so I wouldn't have to waste any of my 2GB data limit.

  19. heyjoojoo

    heyjoojoo Well-Known Member

    Agreed with everyone. I couldn't figure out why so many random quirks were happening on my device following the ICS installation. After doing a reset and allowing it to install that way, suddenly things that were giving me problems were no longer causing problems.
  20. kingnut

    kingnut Well-Known Member

    noob here, just to clarify. you guys are getting the OTA ICS update and then resetting your phones back to factory (non ICS) or resetting back to brand new ICS? please unconfuse me.
  21. Helloneumann

    Helloneumann Well-Known Member

    After you update to ICS Ota you factory reset. The factory reset keeps you with ICS, you just get a clean slate.
  22. McIrish2

    McIrish2 Member

    I agree about doing a factory reset. it cured all sorts of little issues I was having. Sure, it takes some extra time to reset it all back to how you had it, but I found it to be worth it.
  23. HookEmHorns*UT*

    HookEmHorns*UT* Well-Known Member

    I also recommend a cache wipe with a factory data reset!
    To wipe the cache on a droid razr that is NOT rooted:

    1. Turn the phone off
    2. Press and hold the power button and that vol up AND vol down keys all at the same time untill it loads into the screen where you can select "recovery"
    3. Use the vol down key to highlight "recovery" then use the vol up key to select it
    4. Wait for it to boot up (not pressing anything) untill you see an Android and a ! Inside of a triangle.
    5. Once that screen appears, press the vol up and vol down key at the same time
    6. It should load the recovery menu, press the vol down key to get down to "wipe cache" then use the power key to select it
    7. When it is done, go to "reboot system now" and select it with the power key.

    And thats it, no root needed
  24. iploya

    iploya Well-Known Member

    Did this yesterday, and so far the only difference I notice is the contacts icon is less intuitive (a stitched-leather swatch of some sort?), and I can't find the Search Contacts program/icon I had before as a shortcut (not sure if it's part of the former OS or of an app I haven't re-installed).
  25. chrisco78

    chrisco78 Member

    I'm getting ready to do this as well. What will I lose in the process? I backed up my medias & apps, but is there a way to keep my texts after? TIA...

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