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Do you agree the on screen keyboard is obnoxious?General

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  1. ColtsWalker

    ColtsWalker Well-Known Member

    A flaw, IMHO, of this Commando is the onscreen keyboard. It takes up too much of the screen space. Because of the amount of screen space it consumes, it makes it difficult to use some apps.

    I have installed Gingerbread keyboard from google play, which takes up less screen space. I like it ok but it randomly crashes.

    I also use WiFi keyboard which allows me to type to the phone from a PC. I recommend it, it is useful, but only when you are near a PC that is on the same LAN.

    * Any other Commando owners annoying by the provided one screen keyboard?

    * Anyone tried a voice input keyboard? I tried one, but it was a combo voice and text keyboard that still used over half the screen.

    I probably should have bought an Android phone with a flip out keyboard.


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