Do you believe A10 process or A8 process?

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  1. anyown

    anyown New Member

    The coming of Android tablets has been the facts in 2011; lots of android tablet products have affected the whole the consumer electronics. However, in China, you will see the A10 process@ 1.5GHz.
    Some say this is just a8 chip like Giayee's tablet, but the 3D performance is behind the RK2918's GPU GC800.
    If this A10 is true, Chinese Android tablet will be in the lead. What's you idea?

  2. gen-e

    gen-e Well-Known Member

    I have never hard of A10 processor, can you post the link to that?

    There is A15 Arm architecture though but I have not seen any products on that yet.
  3. gen-e

    gen-e Well-Known Member

    Saw the same info on another forum.

    The benchmark on the A10 based tablet is comparable to current A8 based tablets......
    Ainol Novo7 Specs

    Also saw another thread on the A10's info....I don't see what is actually better on A10 compared to A8 or A9, after looking at the benchmark...
    Announced tablets

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