Do you get charged for using Wi-Fi on your 3G network?Support

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  1. Burton-Custom-X

    Burton-Custom-X New Member

    Hi there,

    New to the forum so please be gentle...

    I have a HTC Desire on Orange contract, I have had no problems with it or any billing problems until now!!!

    Went on holiday but before I went I took a travel bundle of 10 MB, I know I would probably use more than this but only by a a few MB whislt out of wi fi zones... got back to UK and checked my bill and

  2. sookster54

    sookster54 Well-Known Member

    You most likely had roaming data enabled and mobile network set to "use internet", ticking that will set it to "use data if wifi is unavailable". Then install 3G Watchdog.

    That's a nasty bill by the way.
  3. Burton-Custom-X

    Burton-Custom-X New Member

    Yes I did as I needed roaming so that when not in a wi fi zone i still get my emails etc for work... but honestly at least 95% of teh time I was on a wi fi network Bulgaria has 1000's of free wi fi networks and the one in my apartment is also free.. I uploaded two you tube clips and Orange has charged around

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