Do you get free internet when roaming on Orange?

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  1. shmuel

    shmuel Member

    Hi guys,

    I recently joined 3 with pay as you go and don't always have 3g and would sometimes like to turn it off to save battery but I was wondering if the free internet allowance still works when roaming on Orange. Does anyone know?


  2. flxmuscle

    flxmuscle New Member

    yes still works...i think they roam on o2 fella
  3. shmuel

    shmuel Member

    Thanks, I ended up trying it out anyway and it was fine. My phone didn't come from 3 so it was set to not use internet when not on 3 so I thought I should check first.

    It used to be o2 but they changed to Orange a little while ago.
  4. keithdross

    keithdross New Member

    I have an unlocked San Francisco. Internet works fine with t-mobile sim. I also have an orange dolphin sim that i bought

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