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Do you have a tip/trick for ICS? Post it here.Tips

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  1. Wolfedude88

    Wolfedude88 Well-Known Member

    Merged threads.

    Nice tips, keep them coming.

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  2. Jersey Tom

    Jersey Tom Well-Known Member

    I plugged the cable that came the phone into my Win7 (64bit) computer and G Nex... no issues. Granted I've only transferred one file - a ringtone - but there was no problem.
  3. JustBiteMe2k

    JustBiteMe2k Active Member

    Yes me too... but of the 5 other cables i have laying around the house that i've used for the past 2 years with my HTC Desire, none of them work with the Galaxy Nexus.
  4. mike420

    mike420 Well-Known Member

    how do you delete homescreens so you have just 1?
  5. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    A different launcher ;)
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  6. mike420

    mike420 Well-Known Member

    so your telling me on the stock android os we can not delete homescreens? omg the more i find out about pure google the more im wishing this phone came with samsungs tw.
  7. suXor

    suXor Well-Known Member

    Press and hold an app in the recent apps pop up to remove from that list or access the app info for force stop, uninstall, etc.
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  8. JustBiteMe2k

    JustBiteMe2k Active Member

    or just swipe the app picture to the left and it'll close it for you
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  9. eyc

    eyc Well-Known Member

    Wow. Seriously? To each their own, I suppose.

    If you want to have only one screen, why don't you just make five identical screens? :D You would never know there are five.
  10. stevevt

    stevevt Active Member

    Here's the only way I've found to see the RAM in use:

    Settings --> (Under DEVICE) Apps --> RUNNING. RAM used vs. free is listed at the bottom of the screen.

    Two questions:
    1) Should I be worried that these numbers only add up to 695 on my phone?
    2) Anyone know of other places to see this RAM info?
  11. JustBiteMe2k

    JustBiteMe2k Active Member

    You can get loads of widgets which show ram, cpu etc... i use "Mini Info"
  12. wedgemoose

    wedgemoose Well-Known Member

    Exact same thing here Whitesoxwin (you know how hard it was for me to type that being a red sox guy...HaHa). I was so upset over the twitter app lag. I came here, read it somewhere about the "force GPU", checked it off and now twitter is 20 times better. I'm sticking with it on!!!!!
  13. indigodave

    indigodave New Member

    I tried this on my Nexus and all I got was a "remove" drop down.

    Coming from a Blackberry, I really want a bedtime clock setting. Of course am waiting for a dock as well, cheap!


  14. Dubbin1

    Dubbin1 Well-Known Member

    You're doing it wrong I think.
    Go into your app drawer
    Select Clock
    Now press on the clock that pops up and hold down or just press and it will dim.
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  15. iDon't

    iDon't Well-Known Member

    IIRC, when you swipe an app off the the recent app list it doesn't close the app, it just removes it from the list.
  16. ThrottleAbuse

    ThrottleAbuse Member

    I have been wondering about this. Does that close the app or just remove it from recent history? How do you close an app or all the apps?
  17. OfTheDamned

    OfTheDamned The Friendly Undead VIP Member

    That list simply shows a history. Swiping it off the screen does not close it.

    With most apps you will simply press the back button to exit the app. With many apps this will close them out or put them into a suspended state where they may be running in the background, but not using the CPU or the battery. With other apps (Pandora for example) you can hit the menu button and there will be a quit or exit option that will shut the app down. Hitting the home button does not exit an app properly and it will continue to be active in the background for a while.

    It is important to understand that there are 3 main states that your average app can be in. Active which is running and using both the RAM and the CPU, Cached which uses just RAM and Off which uses neither. An app sitting in the background or cached may be taking up RAM, but still not really running or active. Many of your most commonly used apps will sit in a cached or suspended state waiting for you to open them. This allows them to open faster when you want to use them. This has caused many misunderstandings in the past for a lot of people (especially former WinMo and iPhone as well as windows users). They will think that an app sitting in the background/cached and/or taking up RAM is draining battery when it really isn't. The RAM that is being used will be released when needed.

    If you want to know more about how the system works and how it handles apps and their states many of the articles on why Task Killers aren't needed will explain it in more detail than I have.
  18. Protonus

    Protonus Member

    Ugh I hate it too, in fact it's the thing I hate most that I haven't seen a fix for yet in ICS... It does look like that metro windows phone look, which I abhor.
  19. damstr

    damstr Well-Known Member

    Anyone know how to not have the phone's notification go off when your listening to music? Maybe just vibrate or something?

  20. nj02vette

    nj02vette Well-Known Member

    If you connect to a computer using the standard default MTP protocol, it will only show you some of the folders. Swipe your notification menu down and change from media device to camera. Sounds strange, but doing so lets you see the full directory structure.
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  21. xGalaxyNexusx

    xGalaxyNexusx Well-Known Member

    I haven't played around with the actual setting yet, however when I set up my Light Flow notification settings, I made sure to uncheck the box for interrupting phone calls. Ever since (mind you only tested it maybe 5 times), the notification flashes but I don't get a sound and/or vibrate (which I could have gotten vibrate and chose not to).

    This may not help during the streaming of music, but it should kill the probably during calls for you. Until someone has a better answer, I hope it helps!
  22. mistermojorizi

    mistermojorizi Well-Known Member

    ics is universal...expands and shrinks to work on any device..blend gingerbread and honeycomb...remove flash n you got a sandwich
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  23. MoPhoMan

    MoPhoMan Well-Known Member

    Two things:

    1. It took me a day to see this - there is a market icon at the top of the app drawer you can click on for quick access to the market.

    2. For those new to Android, if you put a period "." before a file name or folder it will hide those files.
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  24. Jersey Tom

    Jersey Tom Well-Known Member

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  25. soy.lor.n

    soy.lor.n Well-Known Member

    Not really a Nexus-specific tip, but 4G in general...I just signed up for VZW when I picked up my Nexus, but I called yesterday and added the 4G mobile hotspot which gave me unlimited data on the phone, up from 4GB!

    I have heard that if you cancel hotspot unlimited data remains, but I haven't tried it yet. I'm gonna keep the hotspot for at least the first month.

    I've also heard that some people have had varying degrees of success depending on the CSR, but it's probably worth a try if you are limited. Just call *611 and ask to add the "$30 4G mobile hotspot" (NOT the $20 2GB hotspot); it probably helps to not mention the word "unlimited" at all, but when they add the hotspot they'll see that they have to upgrade you to unlimited data for $29.99

    ETA: I'm sure this has been mentioned many other times in other threads, but I'm also sure many people would be interested but haven't heard about it.
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