Do you have any regrets after buying your mini?General

  1. blueberryicecreme

    blueberryicecreme New Member

    Hello, do you like or dislike your Mini?
    What do you think are the advantages and disadvantage of the mini?

    I am thinking of buying a Mini, but I am also thinking of buying a Mini Pro.I can't decide.

    So I have a few questions for the Mini!

    Do people like Xperia Mini more or Xperia Mini Pro more?

    I'm thinking of buying either Xperia Mini or Pro.
    So I have the following questions:

    1. Is it easy to type with the virtual qwerty keyboard, or is it too small for your fingers?

    2. Battery life? Long or short? How long?

    3. I heard that you can't change the battery on Mini? Does that cause you a problem?

    4. How fast does the virtual qwerty keyboard response? Is it slow?
    I don't like slow response.

    Thanks everyone.
    Welcome to discuss what you like and dont like about the mini though :)

  2. xo0ox94

    xo0ox94 Active Member

    Xperia Mini Pro isnt better than Mini..
    I bought a X10MiniPro,
    i regret it!
  3. TonyStarks

    TonyStarks New Member

    I bought an X10 Mini just over a month ago and I don't regret it at all. If you're sure you can cope with the small screen then this phone is perfect. To answer your questions :

    1. Yes its very easy to type. I was worried that it would be an issue for me but it hasn't been.

    2. Battery life is not the longest but of course that will depend on what you use your phone for. Personally, the phone will usually last me 2-3 days and this includes phone calls, texting and some browsing (including videos).

    3. Battery doesn't come off .. not an issue just yet but might be in the future

    4. Keyboard response is pretty good, and I'm sure you can adjust the settings to suit your needs.

    All in all, great phone. Like I said, as long as you don't mind the screen size and the fact that the keyboard is small you'll be good.
  4. Recoba

    Recoba Member

    1. small touch-screen but really easy to type.
    2. battery life: 2-3 days (calling, browsing, gaming, videos...etc...) depend on the way you use
    3. Dunno
    4. touchscreen response's as good as iphone

    => X10 mini great phone so i don't regret.

    Waiting new firmware with having driver for multi touch. If you choose Pro, you cant using multi touch (for the future) because Pro don't use Synaptic 2000 but Mini
  5. fico2040

    fico2040 New Member

    X 10 mini is one of the best phone i had, at first i was worried about the tiny screen but it is not but at all, battery isnt that bad about 2 days with a medium use. . . Love my xperia mini
  6. crazydip

    crazydip Active Member

    X10 mini is a wonderful phone, especially if you don't like big and bulky things in your pocket. The biggest downside to the mini is it's made by SE which is horrible when it comes to updates. Their updates take FOREVER.

    It is really well made phone, looks really nice, feels nice and the SE theme is really good looking. Very pro. You cannot change the battery but that should not be a big problem. When was the last time you changed a phone battery? X10 Mini Pro has a replaceable battery.

    Size difference between X10 Mini and X10 Mini Pro is pretty big in my opinion. X10 Mini is just smaller and fits much better in the palm and pocket.

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