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  1. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member

    Did your Intercept come with this app?
    I had wanted to install it on another phone, then got curious.
    I can't find it on the market and it has an awful long list of permissions.
    I bought the phone off ebay so I'm just curious.



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  2. DustinLuck

    DustinLuck Active Member

    Someone can come along and correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure that's a built-in froyo app. I used it for a while until I found SuperBox, which does more and does it better, IMHO.
  3. AirCatHeavy

    AirCatHeavy Well-Known Member

    I'll feel better when a t least ONE person verifies they have the SAME EXACT icon on their Intercept.

    Noone has so far. :(
  4. DustinLuck

    DustinLuck Active Member

    I have the same exact icon on my Intercept. It first showed up with the froyo update.
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  5. Darkseas

    Darkseas Well-Known Member

  6. robbie82

    robbie82 Member

    It comes with the new version of Andriod. There is an even newer version of this on newer phones.
  7. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female

    This app shows up on both Sprint (Froyo 2.2.1) and Virgin Mobile Samsung Intercept (Froyo 2.2.2) phones (I have the VM Intercept, my roommate has the Sprint Intercept).

    It does not show up on my Virgin Mobile LG Optimus V running Froyo 2.2.1

    This Task Manager could very well be licensed to a private individual/company that Samsung paid to use their app on the phone. Much like the Cool Iris Gallery that's on the OpV, but not on the Intercept.

    Just my theory. ;)
  8. Hooligan77

    Hooligan77 Well-Known Member

    I haz it too
  9. XxGaming23xX

    XxGaming23xX Member

    That App Is Like Task Killer
    It Force Closes Apps Running In The BackGround And Tells You How Much Memory You Have Left
  10. Shadow300

    Shadow300 Member

    That's a native android app on my intercept. Not of much use for me since there's better versions at Google play

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