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  1. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    I've gotta say I've had some high end and low end phones before. I even have the Samsung Galaxy S4. But NONE like the Commando 4G, even though the Commando 4G was free (for me atleast), I love it. Sure it has some quirks and issues. But I love that it's water proof / resistant! My S4 would probably fall to pieces if a little rain got on it. My Commando 4G, nope keeps on. It also is one of the few phones to offer both voice and data at the same time on a 3G (CDMA ONLY, great for battery saving) connection. That is cool, plus the FM Radio is a favorite of mine. The speakers are loud too.

    So my question is you all here. Do you like yours, if yes or no what would you change to make it better? Me one thing, Bigger screen!

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  2. rbitting

    rbitting Member

    CWM for backup and ROM tweaking. WiFi is a little glitchy.
  3. rjglenn

    rjglenn Well-Known Member

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  4. trx125

    trx125 Member

    I like mine. It's rooted, debloated and runs pretty fast. A couple hiccups here and there, but overall great phone.
  5. unitypunk

    unitypunk Well-Known Member

    best phone made in the last 20 years imho.. even without recovery/customrom options this thing kicks the shit out of every other phone ive held.
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  6. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    Yeah I agree with the second poster. I don't like how all the keys wake the phone. Plus the unlock / call answer screens are a joke. Double tap to answer or unlock. Yeah that's not gonna cause pocket dial.

    However signal IS stronger than my S4 and is on par as one said with my Motorola phones I've had in the past, or seems to be. I hope Casio releases JB for it at least. I don't care about ROMs . However custom recovery for back up and restore would be nice. But this phone while cool isn't as much of a main stream phone as say the S4 or Motorola phones. Sad to say...
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  7. unitypunk

    unitypunk Well-Known Member

    ya know, you can go use the other lock options.. facial recognition, or drawing on the 9x9... just sayin...
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  8. xmguy1

    xmguy1 Well-Known Member

    I got around it by using Widget Locker. Problem solved. The camera seems to be sort of poor. Anyone know a good app replacement?
  9. redfishsc

    redfishsc Well-Known Member

    Overall, yes, I do like this phone. It definitely has issues but I don't quite regret getting it.

    My first Commando 4G started having the "freeze" issues (won't wake up from sleep mode). Finally it just totally crapped and wouldn't charge or power on. Had it barely a month or two. Sent it back and now I have a replacement. So far, no problems.

    I've had the occasional glitch. Apps seem to disappear from my home screen or get rearranged, and NOBODY in my house uses this phone but me.

    The SMS/text app is buggy sometimes. Not huge though.

    Agreed that it is a HUGE problem with the unlock screen. For some reason, it's always my supervisor at work that gets my pocket texts, and the autocorrect will "fix" one of the random "words" into something weird. I installed a lock app that changes the unlock pattern to an arc, which is far harder to pocket-unlock.

    I got it because it was free, and durable. So far I haven't abused mine at all but I like the notion that it can swim without dying.

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