Do you need data plan for GPS to work?

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  1. mikoo

    mikoo Active Member

    Got my Behold II 2 weeks back but I do not have data plan. Slowly exploring my 1st antroid phone and enjoying.

    I tried to use GPS but it won't work; it says, it's not available.

    Do I need data plan for it to work? Just wondering.


  2. behold_this

    behold_this Well-Known Member

    Short answer is yes with google maps you need data plan or I guess you could use wifi but not really on the go.
  3. inaz4sun

    inaz4sun Well-Known Member

    Depends what app you want to use.
  4. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Only need a wifi connection because unfortunately they don't work like regular GPS does android uses internet to do it.
  5. Mastermind278

    Mastermind278 Well-Known Member

    Yes you can. There are navsat programs available on the market which save the maps onto your SD card such as CoPilot and Igo.
  6. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Really? I did not know that... but they do cost by the month right?
  7. mindoculus

    mindoculus Active Member

    The pre-loaded navsat app on the Behold II does charge a monthly fee.

    On a related note, you can download maps to your fone's memory. While not GPS,
    they do help with orientation if you are not lost and simply need some assistance
    locating a particular street or town.
  8. 2FR35H

    2FR35H Well-Known Member

    Oh... yeah thats right I actually used that one before but I do remember that was used over data plan...
  9. ImABoss

    ImABoss Well-Known Member

    I think you can use telenav without a data plan but there is a $9.99 a month fee.
  10. TheKrell

    TheKrell Well-Known Member

    How about MapDroyd? (Downloading it now for free via WiFi).
  11. mindoculus

    mindoculus Active Member

    Mapdroyd is over 2 Gigs if you download all the maps.

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