Do you online bank with android

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    SUBWAY Member

    Do you online bank with android?
    Do you trust the apps you have on you're phone?

  2. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member

    Hell no, too risky.
  3. Moorish

    Moorish New Member

    hello guys...
    it is not too risky.....
  4. photek1000

    photek1000 Well-Known Member

    Not through an app, but I have checked my on-line banking via the browser, doubt my bank will ever bring out an app.

    SUBWAY Member

    Troll? GOod JoB!
  6. daddyd302

    daddyd302 Well-Known Member


    SUBWAY Member

    so the general conception is its unsecure.

    thats good.
  8. How is that response a troll? Its a perfectly good response.

    No, by my count, 2 people on this thread say they do, and 2 say its risky, so the general "conception" is even.

    Now my 2 cents, like the guy you said was a troll, my bank doesnt have an app, so I use it via the browser. Even if someone got my password, when the system sees a new computer trying to logon, it generates a random security question that only I would know. So even if someone got my password, and saw the answer to ONE of my security questions, he still wouldnt have the answer to any of the other security questions. Plus, all I can do with my bank is transfer cash to and from my checking, savings, and credit card.

    SUBWAY Member

    safe as **** then?
    or sitlet safe?
  10. takeshi

    takeshi Well-Known Member

    All apps or banking apps specifically?

    A few replies is hardly "general conception". And even if you did find out what the general consensus is, it's meaningless. You have to consider apps individually. You can't lump them all together one way or another. In other words, they're not either all safe or all not safe.
  11. SUBWAY

    SUBWAY Member

  12. sic0048

    sic0048 Well-Known Member

    Basically that article gave a couple of points to be cautious about. But none are tied directly to the security of the data connection or application. Basically the biggest potential problem is if someone gets your phone. My bank doesn't have a dedicated app, but I would hope you would still need to log in with a dedicated app. If any person can pick up your phone and enter the app without needing to put in any password, then yeah, it is a security risk. You need to either pass lock the phone, or make sure the app/online site requires a passwork everytime you login.

  13. this....

    I have a local credit union so no app will come out IMHO (and my mom works there, so I have inside information)

    No big deal, I have my C.U.'s website bookmarked to online banking and the 4 bills I can pay online saved to my menubar in launcherpro. I will usually pay bills online at home from the computer, but I have found times I have had to use my phone (when my computer was down 2 weeks ago) or transfer funds while in line at Target one time.

    I trust it though
  14. MisawaCraig

    MisawaCraig Member

    Sure, I use the Paypal App to view purchases and manage my account, very secure.
  15. stevenlong

    stevenlong Well-Known Member

    I use a banking app, started out with a general app (supported several banks) but then my bank came out with it's own and I switched to that.
    It even lets me deposit check into my account, just by taking a picture of it.
  16. chrlswltrs

    chrlswltrs Well-Known Member

    I do all the time, more than I do on my laptop infact. Both of my banks have official Android apps so I do trust that they are secure. I only use Bank of America and USAA.
  17. sudored

    sudored Well-Known Member

    I WOULD if natwest made an official app.
  18. Phateless

    Phateless Well-Known Member

    I use the app on my phone, but I'm more worried about losing the phone itself than I am about data piracy.
  19. amerinamese

    amerinamese Well-Known Member

    I have tywo banks and use both their mobile apps. On both of them, you have to log on each time. It doesn't save your information.
  20. JollyGreenGiant

    JollyGreenGiant Active Member

    I use the app from my bank, and I also keep an eye on SystemPanel to make sure that no rogue apps are running in the foreground. I would find it hard to trust a third party app to access my bank.

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