do you think this would work?

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  1. kofman13

    kofman13 Well-Known Member

    I have used a motorola triumph since last July.
    I have gone through actually 4 replacements already.
    Each time because the camera stops focusing after a month, and other hardware problems
    Do you think if i called virgin mobile and just said i am sick of getting replacements of phones and having to set them up everytime and wait for swap, the replacement is just going to have problems again. And then if i asked them to just send me a different phone because i can guarantee if i keep using a Triumph, they are going to have to keep sending my replacements!
    do you think they would do that? send me a different phone as a replacement?

  2. Petrah

    Petrah Psychotic Female


    Unless you really push the issue (and I mean really push it, politely), Virgin Mobile is going to send you a refurbished (used phone that had issues they fixed) phone every single time.

    The first phone I had with VM (wasn't an android) got stuck in a reboot loop. When I called to get things rolling for a replacement phone I pushed hard for a new one and not a refurbished phone. I got a brand spanking new phone.

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