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  1. karlyn123

    karlyn123 Member

    I have a plie of Android Live Wallpapers and apps that I want to install but some of them want me to "Allow" certain things before the installs, and one question is with the storage...

    Allow this application to: manage internal storage contents

    Another one wants access to my Contacts, I feel this can't be a good thing...

    What is going on here at this point, is my phone being played?

    Is it calling home somewhere?

    I can see them adding files to my storage during the installs and is it just asking to do that only?

    New to all this and worry about being hacked or have my phone being turned into a bot or maybe infected with a virus if any exists for Android in the first place.


    Thanks for any help with this


  2. eyebeam

    eyebeam Well-Known Member

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  3. karlyn123

    karlyn123 Member

    Thanks for the reply man!

    The link you gave me was a great read and I will burn my pile and stick with the app markets in that thread

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