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  1. eclimax13

    eclimax13 Member

    If you plan on getting an mhl adapter.....BUY THE OFFICIAL SAMSUNG ONE. I've been through two 3rd party version, all for the s3 and the screen would go in and out constantly. Both acting differently but doing the same thing. After getting the real one, it works flawlessly. Just a heads up.

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  2. scooter1942

    scooter1942 Well-Known Member

    yeah i think i read a while back on this forum that sammy did something funky to the port so that old mhl adapters wouldnt work and youd have to get theirs. if only it werent so damned expensive...
  3. redhook

    redhook Well-Known Member

  4. eclimax13

    eclimax13 Member

    The tip option is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking specifically about s3 11 pin 3rd party versions of the mhl adapter. I own the 5 pin to 11 pin adapter as well which works fine with the older Samsung mhl adapters.

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