Does 5ghz band on routers work on our phone?Support

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  1. narutoninjakid

    narutoninjakid Well-Known Member

    Does 5ghz band on routers work on our phone? i just got a new router and was wondering if our phone can pick up this range ?

  2. Lanman1978

    Lanman1978 Well-Known Member

    I was wondering too if the Evo V picks up both wireless bands. Any info on this?
  3. OverByter

    OverByter Resident Slide Rule Guru

    I believe that it's 150N on 2.4ghz only.
  4. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    There is no 5k band radio.
  5. joshua8790

    joshua8790 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, not many phones have support for the 802.11a band. It's fine though, since those speeds are overkill. Most ISPs don't even offer the speeds that dual band routers have. The only reason to need dual band (5ghz) capability on your phone is if you have to make local network file transfers or have Google Fiber :)
  6. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    5k is A and N.

    And there is plenty of reasons for N speeds. While you can get 150mbit on 2400, it can be crowded, and lower your speeds. Wireless G can barely handle an HD stream. On H, if you add a few housemates, a few walls, a bit of interference from neighbors and that can be saturated pretty fast.

    You don't need fiber, my cable internet can easily saturate wireless G and my uncle's can do double it.

    Personally, transferring anything over a couple hundred megs is just painfully slow on wireless G speeds. Granted, I'm spoiled, but I spend a lot of time waiting on file transfers.
  7. geoid

    geoid Active Member

    I use the 5 GHz to prevent interference on my 2.4 GHz security cameras, can't always do that. Really needs to be the other way around to work out well for both things anyway, too much uses the typical B and G bands instead of A. I just switch the B and G signal off when not needed.

    Got a problem with my wireless router and phone connecting, but only at night. Haven't shut down the security cameras entirely yet to check if that's all it is. They're not wired to on/off switches. Seems strange anything would change over time though, too. Just thinking related somehow to how AM radio is at night.
  8. Leslie Ann

    Leslie Ann Well-Known Member Developer

    It could be something your neighbors are doing at night as well.

    Cameras, microwaves, phones, microwaves, poorly done HAM radio antennas... and who knows what else, operate on (or bleed onto) the same frequency as B and G and more than one manufacturer has been nailed for selling items that didn't comply with standards and bled all over everything in the nearby spectrum.
  9. qu4ttro

    qu4ttro Well-Known Member

    Check out the WiFi Analyzer app on the Play Store. It'll show you which channels are least crowded, then you can change your router's settings to operate in a less saturated channel. Worth a shot :thumbup:
  10. OGWillikers

    OGWillikers Well-Known Member

    The 5GHz SSID I have set doesn't show up on mine, so I'm gonna agree with the "no" answers.
  11. geoid

    geoid Active Member

    Nothing around here, 100 yards from the another house and even then only a few nearby.

    Have given that app a try now and shows only my router on channel 6, with a level going from -40 to -70 indoors.

    If I remember right, channel 6 was chosen due to the security cameras showing the least interference when on that channel.

    Last night I checked and didn't have any signal showing at all from router to phone. Today it's there again. Same routine. Notebook computer I'm using right now always gets the signal okay. Seems very strange.

    Going off on a tangent from the topic here.

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