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  1. sfan786

    sfan786 New Member

    So I know this thing is coming out shortly me and my sister is looking for new phones my sister was looking at the incredible but i believe that she would probably like this since she is a big texter. Even might like it my self except the bing. But I wonder does verizon charge more on your bill for a global phone if you more than likely wont use the Sim card. If any one has any experience with global phones on big red before please reply.

    Edit: well going through buying a phone on line there wasn't any extra fees as far as i can see with the D2 Global so there more than likely isn't and extra fees I guess.

  2. BaadAndy

    BaadAndy Well-Known Member

    I had a touch pro 2 and never had any added fees for a world phone, I never used it outside the us. It is now running android making my daughter happy.
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  3. sfan786

    sfan786 New Member

    Thanks for the confirmation this looks nice and my sister said she might want the incredible i would think this would be nice too. Hope It just comes out as a DROID now.

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