Does a Launcher App run alongside FROYO?

  1. I became a brand new user of Android 2 days ago with my Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000.

    The first thing that hits me is the Home Screen is not to my liking; in particular because it does not have a businesslike looking and reasonably sized Digital clock or a Calendar that display 2 weeks or more calendar with a couple of upcoming appoinments/meetings.

    With my Nokia N97 I simply downloaded a 'themename.sis' file and installed my new look.

    From reading all the FAQs and some posts, would someone tell me kindly if my following thoughts are correct?

    1 My Android Operating System is Android 2.2.1 and is called FROYO?
    2 I cannot install a downloaded theme without Rooting (Hacking) my phone which I don't want to do just yet?
    3 I can use a third party launcher, like ADWLauncher to change the look of my the contents of my current FROYO Operating system and install Widgets but this is not rooting (hacking) my phone?
    4 If I install ADWLauncher I can choose to run either ADWLauncher or FROYO?
    5 When Android 2.3 is released it will not be a simple downloading and installing of a file but will include the need to flash some hardware?

    I would be most grateful if someone can help me understand the above and don't worry about my understanding because my hobby for the last 10+ years has been to build and repair computers and I am not averse to editing the Windows registry if necessary.


  2. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member

    Welcome to Android!

    I'm sorry to hear that :eek:

    Correct. Each release (or at least, almost every one of them) of Android is dubbed with a new name. The names progress in alphabetical order and are named after dessers (1.5=cupcake, 1.6=donut, 2.0&2.1=eclair, 2.2=froyo, 2.3=gingerbread, 3.0=honeycomb, etc).

    To what extent are you trying to theme your phone? Althought it is true that more can be done with root, many things can be done by using a homescreen replacement app such as LauncherPro.

    Correct, rooting is not required to use these theming apps.

    No. ADW, LP, etc... they are 'overlays' on top of Froyo. You will still be running the Froyo version of Android OS, but it will just have a different look.

    No. When 2.3 comes out, it will be an over-the-air download. Ideally you will just press a button and it will download to your phone (though I do not know if it would require the phone to be wiped). However, you will most likely not have to worry about it. You have a Samsung, and Samsung typically does not keep up with the OS updates (It took them several several months after everyone else to get Froyo, and it is speculated that there is a very slim chance of them updating their current lineup to gingerbread)..
  3. Thank you for the full reply CriticalCritic which helps a lot.

    What I am particularly missing are the choices of profile I had with my Nokia N97 e.g. General, Private, Meeting and by that I mean that at the press of a button I could change my ringtone, sms notifications etc to suit whatever I was doing there and then. I cannot find any such "Profile" setting option with my Samsung S Froyo 2.2.1.

    I also get your subtle comment i.e. "I'm sorry to hear that :eek:" when I mentioned Galaxy S and especially as I posted this message 15 days ago and yet you are the only one to reply! Doesn't instill me with confidence in my choice of Manufacturer and perhaps should have gone with an HTC?

    Anyway too late for that. Initially I was set against rooting my phone but if it has limitations maybe the risk may be worthwhile...........though not before much more research on my part. I mess about with my PC but I have a laptop to fall back on if I brick it. Not prepared nor can afford a second phone as a reserve in the event of a Galaxy S bricking event:eek:.

    Thanks again CriticalCritic
  4. justiyad

    justiyad Well-Known Member

    Welcome to the world of Android, and welcome to the Galaxy S. THere is nothing wrong with the phone, I have a Galaxy S phone and it is great. The 2.2 was bad but with 2.2.1 everything is much better.

    As for rooting, it is not that difficult check the Galaxy S section to find more info. One benifit of rooting is that you can do a full backup of the phone including apps, data and settings.

    As for updating to 2.3, Samsung is just releasing that update in Europe don't know when everyone will get it. Also it is done through Samsung KIES so it should not wipe your data.

    Don't listen to the HTC guys there is nothing wrong with the Galaxy S, it is a great phone. :)
  5. CriticalCritic

    CriticalCritic Well-Known Member


    The profiles are something that you will need to create with a third party app that controls system settings. The most powerful being Tasker (Among many other things, it allows you to create widget-buttons on your homescreen that will change any, and as many, phone settings in whatever way you want).
    However Tasker has a tough learning curve, and there are others out there that can do similar things in a much more intuitive manner (Locale, Setting Profiles, Easy Profiles, etc) but I do not which ones will create homescreen widgets.

    Each manufacturer has its advantages and its shortcomings. Samsung burned me badly on the last Android phone that I owned. It was a model that should have been recalled due to a fatal design flaw in the hardware/software that caused it to lockup without warning (making it worthless for calls or data), but they refused to confront the issue and left all of their purchasers holding a malfunctioning POS. So I will never again purchase or support Samsung's phones... Moving on... :p

    As I said earlier, each manufacturer has its advantages and disadvantages. Samsung's advantage is that they were (and from what I have heard, still are) the easiest phones to root. You should go check out your phone's forum on this website and read up on the rooting section.

    Don't sweat the Samsung thing. I have a chip on my shoulder. And besides, it could have been worse. You could have been stuck with an iphail.
  6. SmartDyne

    SmartDyne New Member

    EasyProfiles has a homescreen widget as central entry point. Moreover it is able to create shortcuts to every single profile.

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