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Does a reliable voice recorder for Galaxy S3 exist?General

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  1. markleeds

    markleeds New Member

    Hi Everyone,
    I have just bought a new Samsung S3 Galaxy which I love. The only problem is I cannot find a reliable voice recorder. I would like to start recording at the beginning of the day for a full day. Unfortunately the standard app and every other one I tried (about 15 in total) stop unexpectedly. None of them were 100% reliable. Did anyone find one which is reliable?
    Many thanks and regards

  2. true

    true Well-Known Member

  3. bestulin

    bestulin Member

  4. Tesselator

    Tesselator New Member

    I dunno how it's rated (me hates user ratings! They're usually wrong) but SunVox records long sessions well. I haven't used it in ICS but it was awesome in two point whatever it was. I think the longest I had it recording was 4 hours. That was on the SC-05D (Biggest Samsung Galaxy Note Phone) a few days ago.


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