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Does Android have a auto-fill function for web forms? Or any app?

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  1. ACH

    ACH New Member


    I've been thinking about getting the HTC Magic for a while. However, what really makes or breaks the decision is whether Android has an auto-fill function for web-forms or not. By this I am thinking of the same kind of functionality that you find in certain PC or Mac Internet browsers/plug-ins where you can save a "form template" that you use to fill in several other forms with the same fields in them as the original one (and the saved template).

    Is this a standard functionality in the Android OS or is there any application out there that can give me this possibility?

    Thanks for your help!


  2. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    Yes, it standard on the browser.

    EDIT: It will store username, passwords and ask you if you want it to remember your password and all that, just like a regular pc does. As far as a template, i dont think so.
  3. ACH

    ACH New Member

    Great! How does this work? Do you save "profiles" and then choose to apply them to forms? Any other way?

    Just to be sure: you're not talking about simple auto-fill for logins (ie username/password)? The form-filling I am talking about needs to be able to save templates for free text fields, adress fields, pop-down menus etc.
  4. cred05

    cred05 Well-Known Member

    Yeah, thats what I was talking about, sorry. I dont think it can do that, atleast not standard, there might be an app like that.
  5. ACH

    ACH New Member

    I've been searching around on several Market-sites with no success... Unfortunately this means I really can't go for the Android OS yet. Or is there any app that I have missed that somebody can tell me about?

    I am growing desperate! ;)
  6. MachEnergy

    MachEnergy New Member

    Did you ever get an answer to this? I want to be able to autofill like the google toolbar does. It should recognize first and last name fields, email fields, address fields, phone number fields, etc. Have you found anything that can do that?

    I'm a software engineer and I just got a Droid. I downloaded the Android SDK, and have been looking for an idea for an Android app I could develop. Unless you found a really good solution, this might be my next project.
  7. woomoo76

    woomoo76 Member

    On my G1 with android 1.0 there's no such functionality.
  8. ACH

    ACH New Member

    No I never found anything for Android that could provide such a thing. However, I didn't really look around that much after receiving the above answers, since I went with the iPhone instead (and no - the iPhone doesn't have this functionality either unfortunately).
    It would be really cool if you found anything that does this during your research for a new app. If you don't find anything, then I think its a super idea to develop it - I am guessing more people would lika this since its such a common feature on desktop web browsers.

    Good luck! Please let me know how it all evolves!
  9. mobile movies

    mobile movies Member

    I'm actually suprised no one has done this yet- makes me suspect there might be hurdles in the OS :(
  10. jimdroid

    jimdroid Well-Known Member

    LastPass does this...sort of. They are early in their Android development, so the integration isn't great yet, but I'm sure it will be. Right now, the form fill only works in their browser.

    It's great to at least *have* all my passwords on my Android.


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