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Does anyone has SIM network unlock PIN (Sonic U8650)Support

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  1. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    I do search to get PIN number to unlock my phone ,, i found that i have to paid for this PIN number, there is any other way to unlock my phone free?

  2. faisalmiles

    faisalmiles New Member

    hey please i have such problem if you find plz help also
  3. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    not yet :((
  4. gayMboi

    gayMboi New Member

    I've been searching and trying for hours and hours to find a suitable unlock code calculator, no luck so far. But there are loads of people doing unlocks for cash, so there must be a way ...
  5. klsdream

    klsdream Active Member

    i unlocked my phone through 3rd party company, so i paid 7 euro to unlock it :)

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