Does anyone have a PERFECT Triumph?General

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  1. jgraham5481

    jgraham5481 Member

    Overall not a bad phone. The only issue I've had is light leakage, which isn't really an issue. Remember, this isn't a Motorolla, its a huawei. Huawei is smart by not releasing their own phone until they figure this out. After the T-Mobile tap and comet, both huawei phones, had they been released as huaweis nobody would ever buy any of there stuff ever again. Most of the finicky things go back to bad software, its just a shame that the toils of PC thugs, the likes of me included, can in short time, with little support make a better firmware than the OEM.

  2. mlsa

    mlsa Well-Known Member

    I've had mine close to 3 months now with no problems. I'm rooted and running CM7. I use GPSFIX with the gps and have no problems.

    Everything works as it's suppose to. I'm totally happy with mine.
  3. DAN040790

    DAN040790 Well-Known Member

    Make sure you compare both the triumphs side by side. Whichever one has blueish tint to the screen, that's the one you DON'T want. I've been through 4 and finally realized this. The ones that have the other type of screen are the ones without issues.

    Really? They're not supposed to do that. You should post some pictures in this thread. I wanna see what you mean.
  4. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    HDMI works!!!
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  5. ChampN252

    ChampN252 Well-Known Member

    There is a thread somewhere about how to fix it. U gotta root it with ginger break, download the update and install it. Its very easy. That was my first time rooting a phone and I got it. Like people say, I believe this phone is hard to wreck. And I haven't found a reason to switch roms yet either. I'm using GO launcher EX and I'm thinking about buying SPB Shell 3d. I love the way it looks and works
  6. mlsa

    mlsa Well-Known Member

    Sorry...with CM7 it does not I"ve been told. I don't use it so it's no biggie for me and I forget about it. Everything else works though.
  7. had me all excited there for a moment!
  8. TriumphLance

    TriumphLance Well-Known Member

    Bad Light leakage from the menu soft key, soft key buttons sometimes don't work, the green 'blob' in the camera although lg camera app has helped. I'm trying my luck with a replacement because the back light bleed is bad enoughto bother is going to be a new one I'll update on the one hopefully no new problems
  9. interesting thread.

    I bought my triumph for 330$ in store at a target on a whim, after owning an Optimus V since launch. I say "on a whim" becuase even thought I had planned to get it, it just so happened I had the cash in my pocket and was already holding the box to the triumph when the girl at the register asked me if I was going to get that phone.

    I must have been lost in her cute eyes becuase I ended up buying it right then and there instead of waiting just 2 more days and getting it half off on Black Friday. at least I got to look like I was well off, as if 330 bucks was pocket change and not hard to come by :3 haha

    I took it home, it was november so I was a little bugged when the manufactured date was 7/11. I started it up and saw the flickering issue everyone talked about, but the camera was fine and the touch screen and buttons seemed fine.

    I swapped my number from my OV to the triumph, made sure 3G was working, and calls and texts worked, then I installed CWM recovery, backed up my stock rom (without root, just "as is"), and installed CM7.

    right away, the screen didnt flicker, and the phone felt faster overall.

    been switching between MIUI and CM7 since, and I havent had any of the problems a lot of triumph owners are talking about.

    I was really prepared to get a bad phone, I did a lot of reading and making sure a good cm7 rom was out before buying, but I came out alright. Love this phone.
  10. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    Hah, the MT was the same type of whimsical buy for me, except it was because of the cybermonday deal that made it a 'no-brainer'. I figured there's 30-day return policy, worst thing is I lose out on shipping it back. Actually you could've returned the best buy one & bought the cybermonday one :) But since you got a headache free phone, maybe that was worth the extra $$ :cool:
  11. my thoughts exactly, another 150$ spent is worth the time and effort of returning and exchanging phones to get another this good.
  12. Prey521

    Prey521 Well-Known Member

    I'm on my second....which I got from Best Buy about a week after initial launch and it blows. Horrible GPS, 3g sucks and the battery life is a complete joke, even with the 1500ma Anker battery and running the latest CM7. Only reason I haven't returned it is because I didn't pay for it. The phone does have insurance through BestBuy so I'm thinking that maybe I received one of the POS units from the initial launch and that the later manufactured batches have some of if not most of these issues resolved. Though I don't expect the 3g to be fixed....I wish that the GPS performed like my wifes OptimusV. Hers locks in mere seconds outside, mine can take over five minutes sometimes and that's with the supposed GPS fix that I applied through ClockWork.

  13. well look at the facts.

    1. initial triumps were filled with problems.

    2. later models have these problems fixed.

    3. most retailers and VMusa have been good on replacing phones becuase of the QC issues.

    You are much more likely to get it replaced with a good one than another bad one.

    if you get a bad one, returning that again can get you a good one.

    if you do nothing, you continue to own a bad phone.

    the clear choice is to try to get a replacement that works.
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  14. Whyzor

    Whyzor Well-Known Member

    I want to believe this, but it seems quite a few people are getting bad replacements as well.
  15. Prey521

    Prey521 Well-Known Member

    That's why I am hesitating. Rooting and ROMing a new one isn't a big deal, just the hassle of switching phones just to get another junk phone is a turn off. On the battery label, are there any clues that one should look out for to let them know that it's a newer build phone and less likely to be full of bugs? The build date on mine is 6/11.
  16. agentc13

    agentc13 Daleks Über Alles VIP Member

    I haven't seen any correlation between the build date and the phone having issues.
  17. pbf98

    pbf98 Well-Known Member Contributor

    Im on #2 after my lcd cracked and vm replaced it, that one had the flashing display problem and a bad charging port as well, this one I've had for 3 weeks and haven't seen one of those problems
  18. Chairshot215

    Chairshot215 Well-Known Member Developer

    I never had any issues with my phone I did not later find was either the fault of the VM Network or my own. Very surprised it’s still actually going based on my uncontrollable urge to mess with things for no other reason than just to see what happens. With that said thought the Stock Rom was a joke thrown together with the expectation that we were lucky to have a phone with these specks at this price without a contract but if you look at in the perspective of being able to pick up a $300 phone and modify it in a way that it can run circles around some $500 to $600 contract phones running their stock Roms then it’s a steal. Only issue that persists is the VM network. Not an issue if Wi-Fi is available 24/7 but could see it becoming a deal breaker for those who do not have much access to Wi-Fi outside of home and live in one of the many poor signal areas. From what I read though Sprint has been pumping some major resources into their 3g network to insure their iphone launch is not a bust so I am in hopes that someday soon a very nice PRL will be available to greatly improve what I think is the Triumphs biggest defect.
  19. JollyRoger87

    JollyRoger87 Well-Known Member

    Mine is quite flawless. Charging can now be a pain but this is an issue with my cord not my phone. I have none of the issues so far
  20. jagris

    jagris Active Member

    I just have the minor light leak from the capacitive buttons.
  21. 1emon

    1emon New Member

    I am on Triumph #2 and Love it! (knock on wood)
    -i was scared to buy this phone because of everything i read
    -paid $250 and did not buy it from VM
    -have used the newest phones and smartphones before
    -i have used VM network w/ another phone and know i get good coverage

    #1 MT: no access to mobile network for internet. NEVER (just wifi)

    I could connect to my wifi perfectly. Troubleshooting, hrs on the phone w/support and forums and nothing worked (did nothing that would void my warranty) . It would show the 3g sign and the arrows would light up like it was working even with full bars. I did get the gps to lock with wifi within prob 2-3 minutes. I did not want a phone w/ internet just at my house, i have a laptop. It never even tried it would just say you do not have access to data network. I feel like VM just needed to flip a switch or something. VM advised me it was the phone and told me to return it. Everything else seemed to work great.

    #2 MT: Light leakage (maybe), sunk in button(?), battery door

    So i got my 2nd phone. I of course first thing tried to connect to the internet through the mobile network. It worked right away. I was so excited and still am. I have not found much wrong. I see when i turn the phone on light shines from both bottom corners of the screen (no biggie). I dont know if this phone is right or the other one was but the on/off button is deep in the phone. It makes it kind of hard to press it. I may have got use to the first one though. It stuck out a lot more i can tell a significant difference. This is no deal breaker either as long as the button continues to work. Last thing was the battery door does not seem to fit like it suppose to. It does not slide all the way up to lock. Its staying on but i am going to have to be careful.

    all and all it took me 2 tries. I think i have a winner but if i want to nit pick its not perfect. I got a good phone with a great price plan so i am happy. I know more people come to write about phones that do not work than people who have working phones. So it may look bad on the internet but in my opinion try it for yourself. It was work the trying for the low cost plan.
  22. Centinel

    Centinel Member

    The camera on the Triumph I bought on Cyber Monday went bad. It also had minor leakage at the bottom.

    I just got the replacement in the mail today, and it has a blown speaker and HORRIBLE leakage at the bottom. Seriously, it was like a miniature spotlight below the Search button.

    I have very little patience for this sort of thing. If I get another bum phone, I'll probably just ask for a refund and go back to my Optimus V.
  23. ohno900

    ohno900 Member

    I am currently in my second (2nd) Triumph. The first one died on me. I was using it and charging it in my car. I kinda had a bad hunch on the car charger. When I got home, the Triumph got REALLY hot. I popped out the battery and let it cool. After a few minutes, popped the thing back in, and pressed the power button.


    There it was. 15 days after purchase at a local store and now it was dead. No big deal, I thought. Called Virgin and ordered a replacement. Sure, Virgin messed up the order, but I got a replacement in a jiffy. (They sent me a phone I was using temporarily while I was Triumph-less.)

    Current issues with my second Triumph:

    Battery life.

    I'm running stock Android. I will be switching to something else once I do some more reading and how ROMS will benefit my use of the phone.
  24. xDeathStaRx

    xDeathStaRx New Member

    I have have mine for over 2 months. Other than the spotty 3g, which I fixed in my area at least with a new PRL, I have had no issues to speak of. Charging has not been an issue, it has crashed once when i switch from Camera to video mode. The battery life is meh... but what phone has perfect stock battery life if you run with everything on as I do.

    The biggest thing that I have seen with this phone that I got with no other is the GPS is nearly spot on. I have used to constantly and I get where I am going without a hitch. This is the only phone that the GPS has been this good. Better than my old Tom Tom. Wish I could change the voice on it though.

    I got mine from QVC with 4 easy pays, a blue tooth, case and all the chargers for home and car. Paying a total of 270 for all that. Great deal in my book. ;)
  25. lou61166

    lou61166 Well-Known Member

    Have not used many GPS to say the triumph is the best you have ever used,seeing this is the number one complaint about this phone.i am glad i ditched this phone back in July,and got my 300 dollars back,as i feel this phone is nowhere near worth what they where charging for had some good qualities,but the OS and radios in this phone are trash.and to think people prefer this phone to either high end android phones or iphones i think you enjoy the cheap plans,but to compare this to any duel core phone or the stock OS to the Iphones IOS is a Joke.

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