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Does anyone have Motorola i1 with SouthernLinc?Tips

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  1. vlbarnes

    vlbarnes New Member

    If you do, did your phone come with a data cable? Mine did not and I have no way of connecting it to my computer. Their website states the charger and data cable are included in the purchase but I got mine from a southern linc store and it did not. Can anyone tell me? I am in a battle of wills with the store over getting me a data cable free of charge. Thanks!

  2. olewarthog

    olewarthog New Member

    Just got one. The charger is just a plug with a USB port that connects the data cable & both the plug & cable came with the phone.
  3. bamagirlpowell

    bamagirlpowell New Member

    I got mine for Valentine's Day and, yes it came with the USB cable and outlet plug. I wouldn't give up on my fight but, have you checked the list of what is in the box? If it's on there, you have a valid argument with proof.
  4. Glock9

    Glock9 New Member

    I purchased the i1 about 3 months ago and nothing but TROUBLE. Now I can't download any applications, nor update any previously downloaded. SouthernLinc advised there is a problem with Google. Suggestions???
    Also, I cannot text someone on the same plan with me without entering the 10-digit number each time. This includes responding to their texts. Any solutions?
  5. Kumori Ookami

    Kumori Ookami Member

    are you connected to a wifi network when attempting these downloads or updates?
  6. vlbarnes

    vlbarnes New Member

    I visited the store and got my data cable. They just gave me a really long charger and kept the data cable when I purchased the phone! The nerve. Anyway, I am not happy with this phone. Phone and PTT works OK it is just the apps that constantly won't work. Can't get newer apps due to the OS on this android being outdate and I understand it will not be upgraded. Wonder since they did not inform me of any of this I can get out of my contract?

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