Does anyone have the safpwr case for the vivid???Tips

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  1. Shadowwrath5

    Shadowwrath5 Member

    Basically what's I'm the title who has it I really need some info like size and efficiency thank u!

  2. damewolf13

    damewolf13 live~laugh~love VIP Member

    I moved this thread into the Vivid forum because I think you are more likely to recieve more informative answers here.:)
  3. msauerman

    msauerman New Member

    I have the safpwr case. Works quite well, however it adds a significant amount of bulk to the phone. I get about 6 hours on it before the internal battery takes over. I use it primarily when I travel. Sorry I don't have exact specs. Hope this helps a little.
  4. Shadowwrath5

    Shadowwrath5 Member

    Are you a heavy user of the phone? And if you could would you take a ruler to the phone while flat on the surface to measure the bulk? Also what is that clip is that removable? Finally, how does it work? Does it use the case battery then the phones or the phones then case or does it randomly charge? Thank u I know its alot
  5. msauerman

    msauerman New Member

    I can answer all but the measurement question since I don't have the case with me. I am a fairly heavy user, I have several email accounts, Facebook, random games, and some network and server monitoring utilities installed. (I'm in IT) The clip is what plugs into the USB port on the phone to charge it. I was skeptical at first but it works well. The way it works is you charge the case first, put your phone in it and plug the clip into the USB port. The case will constantly charge the phone until it runs down, then your internal phone battery takes over. I'll measure tonight and post a reply, but you might be able to get the specs from either safpwr or AT&T's website.
  6. Shadowwrath5

    Shadowwrath5 Member

    No not from safpwr they only have the iphone cases on their site unfortunately. Is that clip removable or does it have to be there?
  7. TheRealHybrid

    TheRealHybrid New Member

    It first uses the case battery and has no switch like the iphone mophie case it technically just charges your phone for about six hours works pretty good and if u take it off and use a regular case u will see a difference in battery life much longer, since u r not letting it drain

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