Does anyone have tips for scaning documents for better readability?

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  1. RedNeck-LQ

    RedNeck-LQ Guest

    hello android fans,

    I installed Camscanner and it does what it says, however when scanning letters with normal size print it is barely readable except for large print.

    Does anyone have tips when scanning documents?

    Below is a sample image

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  2. Harry2

    Harry2 Well-Known Member

    For the image sample the cam's resolution was been choosen to low, I think.

    With the new update of CamScanner, you are able to choose the resolution directly in the app, independent of the system cam's resolution setting.

    Open the app, tap on the cam icon, then tap on gear icon, then tap on the resolution icon (right corner).
    You might try different resolutions for to find the right one (readable AND file size not to big).

  3. RedNeck-LQ

    RedNeck-LQ Guest


    I improved the quality by choosing high enhance mode. Also, I filled the screen with the document as much as I could and held the phone steady.

    The text is still a bit blurry but it is readable. If I had a mini tripod to hold the phone this could be even better. Photography 101 says camera shake makes a blurry picture. So you need to hold the camera as steady as you can if you don't have some sort of tripod.

    I can't attach a sample image because I get an upload failure message of the image. I think the image has a high resolution and this forum has a file size/resolution limit for attachments.

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