Does anyone here use Virgin Mobile USA?

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    GAMESHARQ Well-Known Member

    I was on the phone with their customer service department tonight and it was the worst customer service experience I've ever had.

    I spoke to two different people. Both of them sounded like they didn't know what they were talking about and they were making stuff up as they went along. One of them sounded like he was high.

    Just wondering if this is typical for their customer service, because if it is, I don't think I want them as my service provider.

  2. Dark Jedi

    Dark Jedi Guest

    That's basically how all customer service is. They give you crappy service in hope of you will get fed up and just drop it. Once in a blue moon you will find that one cs that is great.
  3. ashykat

    ashykat Well-Known Member

    I've heard a lot of the prepaid companies are like this. I was talking to a T-Mobile employee and he was telling me that the FlexPay customers have a different department they're sent through (he thinks 3rd party) and they are awful. He said when he's had to talk to them they just talk around in circles and really often don't know what they're talking about at all, like they just make things up as they go along as you said.
  4. I used them in the past. I never had CS problems. Maybe this is new.
  5. ehofehof

    ehofehof New Member

    (Vmobl prepay customer since 2006 or earlier):
    I have had that experience also And I discovered it is generally better to contact them via email than phone.
  6. biggpat86

    biggpat86 Well-Known Member

    these MVN mobile providers are using HELLA outsourcing when it comes to customer service. i dont know where they are located. but they do seem to just be winging it. answers change with each call

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