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Does anyone know what BYOD will work on VZW

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  1. tnstra

    tnstra Well-Known Member

    Im particulary interested in the Razr or Razr Maxx or potenttially the HD

  2. oldnoob2

    oldnoob2 Well-Known Member

    Only GSM phones with SIM cards will work on ST BYOD for use on the AT&T and T-Mobile networks. IMO the best VZW phone ST has is the LG Zip (L75C). I think Page Plus might let you use your own VZW phone, you should check them out.
  3. lennydude

    lennydude Well-Known Member

    You can only use NON 4G phones on Page Plus :(

    Any phone with a esn/imei number starting with 99 are not allowed, one of the reasons i went with Straight Talk.
  4. xTye

    xTye Well-Known Member

    If the RAZR is unlocked I don't see any reason for Straight Talks SIM to not work. I mean, the phone does have GSM capabilities.
  5. Sevreth

    Sevreth Well-Known Member

    Thankfully it seems the New motorola phones will come out with GSM (but you need to order it from over seas at full price). Global versions of new RAZR phones inbound

    I highly recommend the Galaxy Nexus, or hanging on until maybe more Nexus(es? Nexi?) are released. I am looking forward to seeing what other options come about.


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