Does anyone knows the name if this tablet?

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  1. fomegomez

    fomegomez New Member

    So I'm interested on buying a android tablet, but first I would like to see a video on youtube to know that what I'm buying is a good item.

    This is the tablet:

    It has a 7" screen
    1ghz processor
    Android 2.2 froyo
    256mb ram
    It support Flash 10.1
    2mp front cam (it has no back cam)
    It has a SIM port, and it supports 3g
    the size is 127mm x 200mm x 17mm

    Please tell me if something else is needed to identify it. Thanks a lot in advance :)

  2. Cappy Wappy

    Cappy Wappy New Member

    Looks like a panimage 7

    It was an exclusive for qvc made by pandigital

    Hope that helps
  3. Rico ANDROID

    Rico ANDROID Well-Known Member

    Also looks a little like the ViewSonic Phone/Tablet (which i am hoping will be released in the US).
    Click the PIC!

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