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  1. amk2795

    amk2795 Well-Known Member

    I can't find a single review on YouTube of this phone, only the same "hands-on" 30-sec clips from companies at releases and press conferences. Can't find any solid written reviews either; this phone seems like the little-known guy.

  2. zteavailuser

    zteavailuser New Member

    I just bought one of these. I'm really enjoying it so far. I'm still surprised on the lack of online reviews too. I wonder why that is?
  3. prowler1976200

    prowler1976200 New Member

    i got me one last weekend running pretty good so far, only thing is there is little info about it on the web, and cant find anything so far taht works to root it. but it is a pretty new phone just came out in november i believe so hopefully rooting it will come along soon.

    other then that seems to be a great phone so far no problems here
  4. mrodgers

    mrodgers Active Member

    Just signed up to the forum as a complete newbie to smartphones. Just bought 2 ATT Avail phones for my wife and I.

    Have no idea about this phone compared to other smartphones, but coming from simple cheap Tracfone flip phones, we are thoroughly enjoying the heck out of this phone.

    As probably with most new smartphone users, we've been downloading and checking out apps/games like crazy. There isn't much internal memory unfortunately, mine is pretty full with moving everything I can to the SD card. Weather, iHeart Radio, and Winamp seems to be the largest I have installed that I can't move to the SD card. Also a bunch of crapware that came on the phone that I won't ever use such as Facebook and Twitter (use neither of these things) that I'd love to remove as they both take up needed room and are always running as a service.

    Haven't been anywhere outside of the house and wireless connectivity, so don't know how it works with 3G yet.

    Loaded up with the 500MB data and 1000 texts and the per minute plan since we make about 3 actual phone calls every 6 months. Will probably be able to go quite a few months topping off data and texts with the lowest $.
  5. Dondi1957

    Dondi1957 New Member

    I need to know how to transfer my Itunes music to my new AT&T prepaid Avail
  6. crshocks

    crshocks Active Member

    I bought this and love it. It's my first smartphone and ill never go back. After having some problems getting some games to play i started looking for some reviews and also came up with nothing. Space seems to be the biggest concern of most owners but for me it's been getting some of the better games to play. I love the phone regardless.
  7. wyldesolos

    wyldesolos Active Member

    I think it's a very good phone for the price considering you're buying it straight out and are not put under any contract. It falls short on the gaming. You are restricted to the low end games.Screen size is 3.5" i believe which is also pretty good. Screen quality is kinda shabby, but that isn't a very big deal to me. The colors on it look kinda bland. Still has almost all the features of other expensive smartphones. Once bloatware is removed its pretty spiffy and quick. Overall pretty good bang for your buck. I would recommend a custom ROM like anthony's. Makes a huge difference and will OC your CPU a bit too.
  8. UTPWD

    UTPWD New Member

    find the Itunes folder on your computer and open the folder "iTunes Media".Inside that folder is one called music.This is where all the music on your ipod is located.Next just transfer what you want to the phone.

    This phone for the price is the bomb.I do graphic and web design and the 5mpx camera takes awesome pics..I wanna point out that after downloading your apps you should go to settings>>>manage apps>>> and make sure you move your apps to sim card.Not all can be moved and you may also want to uninstall any updates for the apps preshipped with the phone if you dont use them....Out the box it's worth the money spent....
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  9. Lincoln357

    Lincoln357 Well-Known Member

    Have it over a month now and I'm happy with it,considering the price (free on contract).Flashed it few times and now looking for an overclockabile kernel.But you're right,it still has a poor support,meaning reviews,tips,custom roms,themes etc.(chinese have,btw).I really hope it will change soon.
  10. Lincoln357

    Lincoln357 Well-Known Member

    You mean SD card?
    Easiest way is to download App2sd app from Market and every new app you download,it will ask you to move it to sd card,if possible.

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