does anyone use a vpn service to watch tv abroad??General

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  1. I'm currently working abroad and using a vpn service on my laptop to watch tv. It works great. I'm now thinking of using the vpn service in my samsung tablet. Problem is, I don't want to have to start using a screen lock on my tablet if the quality of tv is so bad that it's not worth doing. I'm using astrill vpn. Does anyone use a vpn to watch tv (British)..?

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    Before you do that, try the FilmOn TV app. I'm using it to watch UK TV, and I'm not in the UK.

    Added: I've just checked and it seems the app is not available anymore in the store, but you can still watch on the Filmon website.
  3. That's a great find kbbru. Very handy for watching quality telly out and about somewhere. I'll definitely be using that site. Thanks for that mate..

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