Does App2SD work with Galaxy S?

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  1. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member


    I'm trying to download App2SD on my rooted Samsung Galaxy S phone which is in the UK and Sim Free.

    I've tried the QR code, Android Market and also their website to email myself the link.

    However, I am always prompted with the Android Market Search page, which says:

    "There are no matches in Android Market for the search: pname:com.a0soft.gphone.app2sd


    Make sure all words are spelled correctly
    Try different keywords
    Try more general keywords"

    Any suggestions why this may be and how I can get App2SD to install? I thought perhaps the .apk file if anyone knows where this can be downloaded and also where and how I should install it (external/internal memory)?

    Kind regards

  2. warphantom

    warphantom New Member

    I downloaded it last weekend from the Market without any problems and
    it worked fine when I tried it on my rooted phone with Froyo firmware I9000XXJPC.
  3. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    Thanks Warphantom

    I've JM1 but running rooted 2.1. I wonder if it needs to be 2.2 or whether the app is just off the market for some reason?
  4. warphantom

    warphantom New Member

    App2sd only works with 2.2 Froyo
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  5. firefox73

    firefox73 Well-Known Member

    Thanks for that.

    Is there a way then to store large files and apps on the SD card of a 2.1 Galaxy S, such that they can still be accessed by their application icon?

    I thought I may be able to copy the files across to the external drive but didn't seem to work pre-rooting. Does the fact that it is now rooted open up this opportunity? I've got a number of apps with a >3GB of associated files. Absolutely chokes up the 8Gb internal memory.

    Thanks and look forward to your suggestions.
  6. voodooochild

    voodooochild Well-Known Member

    there isnt a way that i am aware at all, that is one of the main features of the 2.2 release that apps can now be stored to an SD card.

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