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Does ATV-102 exist?

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  1. lagers1

    lagers1 Member


    I have ordered a Visson ATV-102 ICS 1gb memory Google TV model from a supplier in China.

    On the website where I ordered it there are dozens of suppliers advertising ATV-102, the model I ordered.
    I can find virtually nothing for ATV-102 on this forum but plenty for ATV-108.

    Can someone advise me please if ATV-102 does exist, whether I can update it using ATV-108 firmware.

    If anyone knows the difference between the 102 and 108, any info would be greatly appreciated.


  2. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer


    ATV-102 is ATV-108 rev 2 (as you may read on the forum about rev 1 and rev 2 devices). Visson first introduced M3 platform as ATV-108, then renamed it to ATV-102. There are 2 versions of ATV-102, one with 512 MB of RAM and one with 1gb of RAM. I did not release any firmware available for download for device with 1gb of RAM. If you have that device, do not try to install firmware for ATV-108 rev 2 (f16ref). Both devices are M3, f16ref platform, but different kernel and bootloader configuration so it's quiet possible that you will brick your device if you do that.

  3. lagers1

    lagers1 Member

    Hi Stane.

    Many thanks.
    I bought a 1gb memory ATV-102 model for resale.

    Is it OK to resell this without updating the firmware please.
    How can I check if Chinese seller actually supplied me a 1gb version.
    There is nothing on the box or on the cardboard box to say what it is.
    Very grateful for your help. I was contemplating self harm due to the frustration at figuring out what I had !
    I'll drink an extra beer on your behalf tonight.

    Thanks Geoff, Halifax, UK
  4. stane1983

    stane1983 Well-Known Member Developer


    It's up to you if you want to upgrade fw or not before reselling :)

    About memory check, ES Task Manager crossed my mind. In ES Task Manager, go to More and select About Phone, then on top of screen you have 2 or 3 tabs (can't remember). In one of them you will have memory specification.

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