Does Caller ID Faker cost ANYTHING?

  1. rsa1205

    rsa1205 New Member

    I know it says "free 2 minute call mode",

    but is this 2 minutes total time, or can i make unlimited calls that are less than 2 minutes?

    Do they charge you if u DONT buy 'units'?

  2. RTAdams89

    RTAdams89 Well-Known Member

  3. TheBRADLeyB

    TheBRADLeyB Member

    I would think that after 2 Minutes it would 'Drop' the call. You don't enter a subscriber agreement that I recall that mentions anything about the charging of 'units' without you actually purchasing the units separately.
  4. sydneyrenee

    sydneyrenee New Member

    This is somewhat unrelated since I'm sure your talking bout the Android app. but related all the same in terms of "Caller Id faking."
    I was surfing the net and came across your question on a search engine so I wanted to let ya know about a totally free caller id faker website.
    Go to
    2. type in your number
    the number you are calling
    the number you want to show up on the caller Id

    Press enter and a 9 digit number will appear for you to dial. Once you do you'll listen to a 10 second ad from their sponsers then voila'! Your connected to your call and their none the wiser it's you! Until you speak that is! I do believe that that website has a voice changer function on it as well. I could be wrong but....
    Oh yeah. You'll have to exit out of the little box that gives you the 9 digit number to dial every time you want to make a new call but all you do is press enter again and it will pop up with a new 9 digit number. If you try to use the same 9 digit number twice it will ask you for a PIN number.
    Good luck and happy faking!!
  5. Doesn't work outside the US.

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