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Does Droid X automatically change IP address with each log in?

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  1. ken39

    ken39 New Member

    Want to connect my XP laptop to my Droid X as a mobile hot spot using FoxFi and change IP address each time I log onto the network. I was told Android phone automatically changes IP address each time it is turned on. Isn't working for me - get same IP address. What settings should I have on Droid to enable that to happen?

  2. ThatTabGuy

    ThatTabGuy Well-Known Member

    This should not matter since you are trying to connect your INTERNAL laptop to an INTERNAL network (your DX). Its ok that you get the same address by DHCP, since it happens to be the same address available all the time (DHCP "leases" an address no more then 7 days, then assigns a new address. If the old address is available, then it renews the same address).

    :alberteinstein:Anything EXTERNAL is given an address by your carrier.

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