Does Eclipse 3.0 kill 4G???

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  1. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    First of all, thanks for all the members here helping each other out. Without this forum I would be on a rotary phone.

    My data on Eclipse 2.2 and .902 was crap already.
    So I flashed back to stock .902 and updated to .905
    and installed Eclipse 3.0

    my 4G connection became even worse to a point where I had no usable data.
    It kept on switching between white 4G and blue 4G all day.

    I just replaced my sim card with a brand new one.
    Re-flashed back to stock .902 updated to .905 and going to
    remain stock to see if my 4G data will improve. If it does improve, then
    the only culprit remaining is Eclipse 3.0
    I hope its not the rom because I really love it and like to be on it.

    I will keep everybody updated after a few days.

    I also know how to reset my connection to the server by taking out sim card, rebooting and then rebooting with the sim card in.

    any suggestions would be great

  2. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    alright, I have some news:

    I am sitting back at the same place as before where I was having the most problems with 4g connectivity. Virtually no data connection.

    Now that I am back from Eclipse 3.0 on .905 to stock .905, my data is 100% perfect.

    Not once has data failed me.

    I will wait till tomorrow if to give another update.
  3. OutOfPhase

    OutOfPhase Premium Member

    I just flashed eclipse 3.0 to check this out and have not had any issues yet. I will keep an I on it and post back.
  4. Teqknique

    Teqknique Active Member

    I too have had a substantial amount of connectivity issues with Eclipse 3.0 w/ .905. I think I'm gonna follow suite and try running my phone on stock .905 to see it resolves my issues.
  5. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member


    this is what I am noticing after going back to stock.

    I am still having the same white 4g to blue 4g but not as much.

    I updated to .905 via downloading the soak test instead of I am going to reflash and download .905 via ota to see if this makes a difference.

    if not I give up. I have noticed that others are complaining about the same thing on the bionic (regular) forum

    please let me know if anybody else is having the same issues.

  6. PowerBomb

    PowerBomb Well-Known Member

    The first day I flashed 905 and then put Eclipse 3.0 on top of it, it seemed like my data was terrible. Every time I'd take my phone out of my pocket to try to check something online, I'd type something into the browser and find out I had no data connection. One thing I remembered is that when I first flash the ROM it let me know that it was in battery saver mode where it turns off the data when your phone is inactive for a while. I made sure to switch that off and go back to battery full performance mode because I thought maybe it was just that data was turning off while phone was in my pocket and then it took a minute to get reconnected when I started using it. It didn't seem to fix the problem right away, I'd still go to use my phone and find I had no data.

    But, without doing anything special, it eventually all smoothed out. Still on 905 and Eclipse 3.0 and my data is back to being as solid as it ever was. Sitting here with 4 bars right now, no problems.

    Maybe stop going back between stock and eclipse, 902, 905, 902, 905, just flash something and give your phone a few days to get used to it.
  7. Jeffery

    Jeffery Well-Known Member

    I was using .905 with ICS roms and having a lot of problems with 4G connectivity. I used pathsaver back to .902 and had no problems. Currently I am using .905 with Eclipse 3.0 and still having 4G problems (I did with stock .905 as well).

    I could be wrong, but I think .905 has made date connectivity worse for some and better for others.

    I currently am on the fence on what to do, I love Eclipse 3.0 b/c everything works compared to any ICS rom, but .902 had way better data in my experience.
  8. knightend

    knightend New Member

    So, I have a similar problem so I did not want to create a new thread.
    I have been researching but can't find any good answers to this problem.

    A little background info:
    First root came from .905 to ROM Eclipse 3.0
    I have safestrap, have had no problems with it.
    Never had data problems before root or after root/w stock.

    I have reset connection multiple times. (Remove SIM, boot, replace SIM, boot)

    When I'm on Eclipse 3.0 it says 'Can't find SIM card' and I have no data access.

    I can only connect through wifi. No 3G or 4G, and no apparent attempt to even try to connect.

    It also gives me a permanent notification of 'Blank internal storage' 'Storage blank or has unsupported filesystem'.

    When I click on the notification a prompt pops up that says 'Format internal storage - Are you sure you want to format the internal storage? All data on your storage will be lost.'

    Obviously I am scared to accept those terms. :(

    What do I do?
  9. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    I have come to the conclusion after a week on .905 that it most likely was not eclipse 3.0 because many other people been complaining about the same thing that I was going through.

    Called verizion and tried to explain to them that this situation is not limited to me but the whole nation and as usual they blamed my coverage area and/or my phone.

    please contact verizion and complain to them, because we have paid for 4g devices and pay for 4g service.

    thanks everybody
  10. dhworph

    dhworph Well-Known Member

    hd connectivity issues on 902 / eclipse 2.2 . not sure if it was eclipse or 902 issues, but after 905 and eclipse 3.0 4G is very stable and close in data speed to the GNex.
  11. YankeeDudeL

    YankeeDudeL Well-Known Member

    I only just flashed this ROM (which is really slick, btw), but had noticed this piece of advice in their forums.

    "1) Power down Phone
    2) Remove SD card and SIM Card
    3) Power up Phone and wait for a message to display only emergency calls can be made.
    4) Power down phone more time and this time insert SD card and SIM card back to the phone.
    5) Power up phone and let the phone do its thing and now you are set."

    I only have 3G where I live, but so far I haven't had issues. I'll check to see how things work when I go to work tomorrow, we have 4G there.
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  12. Jeffery

    Jeffery Well-Known Member

    Trying this now. I have a strong 4G signal in my area, but with .905 I keep losing data connection and need to toggle airplane mode to get it back. I hope this works!!!

    Still losing data connection with .905. I called Verizon today and all they had to say is that they will have shared/tiered data plans with unlimited voice/text starting this month and that it will help my data connection if I convert... not cool. Do they think I am an idiot?
  13. rezajune

    rezajune Well-Known Member

    the pulling the sim card does not work at all when there is something wrong with the system.

    updated info:

    After talking to verizion for 10 times, verizon finally admitted that this is a national problem and it should have been fixed by yesterday.

    They always blame your phone first, then the coverage, then after enough people complain it goes into their system to do something about it.

    That is why its so important to say something to them when something is wrong.

    So far so good...the 4g problem has slowed down somewhat but once in a while I still get stuck on white 4g

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