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does "edit" work for you??Support

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  1. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member

    in the documentation they say if you click-and-hold a widget on the home screen, you can pull it down to the "remove" area or into the "edit" area

    i've NEVER seen the edit area activate

    its there, but when i go to drop the icon on that spot, nothing ever happens

    anyone have a different experience? care to explain??

  2. colnago

    colnago Well-Known Member

    I think "Edit" is only active for certain widgets (e.g. Mail).
  3. LunchBB

    LunchBB Well-Known Member

    Mostly for HTC widgets that you can edit. It's a sense thing.
  4. SDscorch

    SDscorch Well-Known Member



    i think i found "one" that it worked for so far...

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