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Does FoxFi works on ICS?General

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  1. JerryTX2012

    JerryTX2012 Member

    I've been getting this software upgrade message on my phone (it started a few days ago) which I'm assuming it has to do with ICS, right? My problem is that I don't know if I should upgrade or not. I tether a lot using FoxFi and I don't know if that will work after upgrading. I've read all sorts of sites and I'm not able to find a definite answer to my question. Some people say yes, others no, and some others maybe. Perhpas it's dependent on different configurations/versions or something else? Here's what I have: Samsung Galaxy S Blaze (T-Mo) running android version 2.3.6 (T769UVLF4), not rooted. I've also installed on my phone FoxFi (v. 1.95), FoxFi Key (FoxFi paid version, v. 1.02), FoxFi Addon (v. 3011), and PdaNet+ (v. 4.01). So, my basic question is will FoxFi work if I upgrade to ICS (v. 4.0.4)? If not, is there any other tethering app that will work? Also, some people say that they have not noticed any real changes after upgrading, so should I upgrade at all? I'd appreciate any help you can give.

  2. JerryTX2012

    JerryTX2012 Member

    Well, I went to the developer webpage and submitted the question. They answered simply saying that FoxFi is "compatible" with ICS so I went ahead and upgraded. In theory it works but I have not been able to use it on WiFi mode, only USB mode (haven't tried bluetooth). I mean, it's nice; I still can tether, but I prefer and appreciate the convenience of wireless connection. Now I have to always remember having my USB cable with me--small inconvenience I suppose...

    Has anyone had a different result after upgrading to ICS?

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