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Does Google Now work with bluetooth headsets?Support

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  1. Bon1380

    Bon1380 Active Member

    I have a SGS III on AT&T. Recently updated to 4.1.1. Every time I try to use Google Now with my bluetooth headset, my screen can't get by "Initializing". Anyone else with this issue? Any resolutions? Thanks.

  2. Pappy35

    Pappy35 Well-Known Member

    This happens to me in my car. I posted a workaround which I'll repeat here:

    Lauch GN
    Touch the mic button
    Hit the Back softkey
    Touch the mic button again

    In my car, this works.

    The keyboard-based mic key (for voice-to-text) does not respond to this though. Try it and post your results here.
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  3. Bon1380

    Bon1380 Active Member

    I gave it a try. Same result. Thanks
  4. n_i_x

    n_i_x Member

    In the Bluetooth settings for your headset, uncheck media audio. Should fix it.
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  5. Pappy35

    Pappy35 Well-Known Member

    Yes. This works but its not a "fix" if you want to continue streaming music. Its a workaround. I hope Samsung actually fixes it with the next update (assuming there will be one that is).
  6. hm7292

    hm7292 New Member

    I'm only responding to this and resurrecting the thread becuase it was one of the top results of my search....

    I had the same issue, and fixed both GoogleNow and VTT (via my keyboard button) by going into GoogleNow Settings, selecting "Voice" and unchecking "Bluetooth Headset".

    I think this means the phone will pick up my voice, rather than my vehicle's microphone.

    That's it. I'm amazed how well GN works now.

    For my Swype keyboard, when I click the mic button, I do have to click "Done" before it starts recording (ow *that* is intuitive) and then I can record perfectly, and click Done gain to finish recording.

    I hope this helps some of ya'll out!

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