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Does Google Reader link or download?

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  1. EdNerd

    EdNerd Well-Known Member

    Probably a silly question .... I have Google Reader pointing to one blog feed. When I see new items, is it actually downloading that item to my phone? Or just linking to the new blog entry?

    I now have quite a long list of blog posts, and I'd like to clear it out of the ones that didn't interest me. I find I can star certain entries, and then presumably sort by starred items - but I can't delete anything, which makes me think it's not on my phone but just a link to the item?


  2. katsimbris

    katsimbris Active Member

    As far as I know, it caches (downloads) all the text and any links to media (pics, youtube, etc.) That way you can still read your items, even if you lose your data connection.

    Mike K

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