Does it matter what type of charging cable I buy?General

  1. aknbad23

    aknbad23 Member

    Mine stopped working. Got Ketchup on the connector. Bestbuy has a Rocketfish for $20. Looks like a ripoff but I need one.

  2. N6EAJ

    N6EAJ Well-Known Member

    Any micro USB cable should work for you. I have seen cables that were charge only (no data lines), but I have never seen one that won't charge the phone. A little alcohol (denatured or isopropyl may clean up your ketchup). Ebay or Amazon is a good place for cheapies. I like for cheapness and selection (they have 1.5ft, 3ft, and 6ft uUSB cables).
  3. John Adams

    John Adams Active Member

    I'm trying to imagine a situation where the end of my charging cable is near my dinner plate or the open end of a ketchup bottle :)
  4. aknbad23

    aknbad23 Member

    Thanks for the help. Ordered one off newegg for 6 bucks.
  5. IndyDave

    IndyDave Active Member

    I found some on Amazon for $1.96. Bought a half dozen and scattered them all over the place - near each computer, in the truck, in the laptop bag. They work just fine both for charging and for Kies.
  6. ppeklak

    ppeklak Member

    got a link? ;)

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