Does Launcher Pro on the DX saves or drains battery?

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  1. JQwerty91

    JQwerty91 Well-Known Member

    Hello as I wait for my Droid X to arrive to BB instore retail, I am curious if I download Launcher Pro (being it that the app makes the homescreen much smoother and customizable) to my phone, will it help my battery life or will it drain faster?

  2. sic0048

    sic0048 Well-Known Member

    I doubt it would make a measurable difference one way or another. But that is just a guess from someone that doesn't have any expertise in this area.
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  3. Charlie81

    Charlie81 Well-Known Member

    I guess not much. Get about 10 hours with lite use. gps off.wifi off . screen on lowest setting.The screen is what drains the phone the most
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  4. BuTbKa

    BuTbKa Well-Known Member

    Dude, with lite use, GPS on, wifi and Bluetooth off after 10 hours I'm at least at 60-70 %.
    Example: Today unplugged at 4:20 am, it's about 5 pm I have 60% left. GPS on, the rest of the stuff off. About 10 emails, check few times twitter and Facebook, 4-5 phone calls, some browsing and plaid "wind of steel" for about 30 minutes. With launcher pro installed
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  5. Charlie81

    Charlie81 Well-Known Member

    60 to 70! WTF am I doing wrong here???
    Christ, I'm totally dead phone is shutting off after 9-10 hours of like I said lite use. GPS off, Screen low as it goes, blue tooth off, wifi off. nothing else going on, just a few post here and there via the browser, couple text, couple e-mail, and no phone calls what so ever. didn't think I had a problem until now!!
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  6. BuTbKa

    BuTbKa Well-Known Member

    Charlie, please, read post #62 at this thread.

    One of the reasons you have such a bad battery life might be bad application, which doesn't let phone sleep. GPS while turn ON doesn't drain battery at all, unless Google maps or an other apps call for it. Constant sync with social networks are battery hogs as well. Read trough DX battery threads, there are many advices and tips how to save some juice, and still enjoy phone.
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  7. sic0048

    sic0048 Well-Known Member

    Just an FYI - I'm just finishing my first full day with the DroidX (I bought it yesterday afternoon). I had LancherPro installed, but uninstalled it early this morning (I wanted more screens). Unplugged at about 8:15am. Been using it what I would call normal use today. No wireless or bluetooth. I did use GPS with navigation for about 20 minutes today (in car without car charger), but had it turned off other than that. I'm still at 30% total battery now almost 14 hours later.

    Here is a breakdown of usage: Display 38%, Voice calls 29%, Cell standby 20%, Maps 11%, Phone Idle 3%.
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  8. Davoo

    Davoo Active Member

    You need more than 7 screens? Which program will allow you to do that? You can change from default 3 screens to 5 or 7 in the options.
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  9. john0821

    john0821 Well-Known Member

    For battery life, you'll have to go to your 'battery manager' option and select 'battery smart' mode. When it is in 'battery performance' mode, the phone is very fast and responsive, but it is a total battery drain. In 'smart' mode, the phone is still smooth and quick swiping between screens and apps, but opening up apps and unlocking the phone has a quarter second lag compared to 'performance' mode.

    I have Launcher Pro and Beautiful Widgets Weather app running, and it's not much of a battery hog. The weather app from Beautiful Widgets updates every 2 hours, and my Facebook has an update hourly. I have GPS turned off as well unless I need it for Trapster (used daily when I drive) or Navigation on. By the end of the day I have either 50% & sometimes don't need to recharge OR if I use the phone a lot (if I'm a chatterbox that day), I'll end at around 20 to 30% and need a recharge. So battery isn't too bad, but you'll have to wait for an upgraded battery to be released to get the full potential out of the phone.

    +1 here
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  10. sic0048

    sic0048 Well-Known Member

    Thanks! I didn't see that option, but since it was the first day I had it I was playing with everything and didn't spend a lot of time specifically on that one app.

    If they add the ability to resize the widgets, I'll go back. But that is a deal breaker for me right now. I hate the shape they choose (is it 1x2?). I'd rather have the widget fill the screen horizontally and be less tall (perhaps 3x1).
  11. colchiro

    colchiro Well-Known Member

    Same here, but Beautiful weather can be a hog if rain is coming. I have mine set to:

    update on click - unchecked
    CPU Hog - checked (might have to change this one tho)
    target frame rate - 5 fps

    FWIW, my phone is MUCH more responsive with Beautiful Weather throttled back.

    Update on click seemed to slow down moving screen to screen for me.

    BTW, I dropped to 50% after 20 hours with a couple minutes of use and the rain animation.

    Normally I'd be at 80-90% after 20 hours.
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  12. Landrew

    Landrew Active Member

    I was getting about a full day out of a battery charge on my HTC Desire HD, with moderate use; a few phone calls, GPS and Wi-fi off most of the time. Then I installed LauncherPro, and I lost about 50% of the battery in a couple of hours. I turned off everything I could to save battery, but it still drained much too fast. The phone itself was warm, without being used. Plugged into a computer USB port at work, it barely held its own and charging from 80% to 100% took almost 8 hours. I have uninstalled LauncherPro, and now things are back to normal.
  13. bigbadwulff

    bigbadwulff Well-Known Member

    smooth? LP is OK but not perfectly smooth.
    Might also try out Go Launcher. Many of us have switched to it. I feel it is smoother although not a huge improvement over LP.
  14. sharpgator

    sharpgator Well-Known Member

    I have had the suspicion that my battery drains faster on LP. It is not a ton, but it is noticeable.
  15. Riverman

    Riverman Well-Known Member

    If you update to Launcher Pro Plus, you'll have the ability to resize widgets.

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