Does Samsung Galaxy Tab have Java on it?

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  1. xxteargodxx

    xxteargodxx Well-Known Member

    Just curious if it has Java capablities on it so I could play RuneScape on it (A java based MMORPG)

  2. xxteargodxx

    xxteargodxx Well-Known Member

  3. raqball

    raqball Well-Known Member

    Yes it does.... I think.... I read somewhere it does have java but now I cant find the link...
  4. 3devious

    3devious Well-Known Member


    Just kidding. Aren't android apps written in Java? Isn't that why ORACLE is trying to sue the crap out of Google other than the fact that they make painfully overpriced products and are probably minions from the 3rd circle of Hell?
  5. raqball

    raqball Well-Known Member

    Ya but I am not sure if it will run Runescape... Which is what the OP was asking...
  6. RedRyno

    RedRyno Well-Known Member

    Mine will have drool on it... :eek:
  7. 3devious

    3devious Well-Known Member

    Unless the developers for Runescape are in the first or second circle, it might not work. ;)

    It certainly doesn't seem to be part of stock android. Hopefully Samsung will step in.
  8. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Well-Known Member

    There is a Java setting under Browser settings for running Java on the Tab.
  9. raqball

    raqball Well-Known Member

    Ya but I just went to Runescape to test this out for the OP and that website does not work on the Tab
  10. Tech Addiction

    Tech Addiction Well-Known Member

    Hopefully they will patch it soon. Must be a compatability issue with Runscape.
  11. 3devious

    3devious Well-Known Member

    They might not have all of the libraries on the Tab. The people who used to call Java the universal virus implementation language are still upset that the sky did not fall. ...Or it really could be a problem with Runescape.
  12. lucas.childers

    lucas.childers Well-Known Member

    There is a difference between JavaScript and JavaRuntime. Runtime is what runescape uses while webpages with scrolling pictures (for example) is JavaScript. JavaScript is on a ton of phones and doesn't use much power to run. But I still really hope that Google comes up with something because there is nothing Jagex can do other than port it to Flash, which won't happen.
  13. mashleee922

    mashleee922 New Member

    I just want to be able to play pogo games
  14. alphatronix

    alphatronix New Member

    mashlee im with you. I bought this tab for my mom so she can play pogo on it and amazingly the only game that works is PopIt and quality of it is crap. Does anyone know how to get around this? i really need to be abl to play pogo or this tab is usless for her. If i root it, are there any developer Rom that would play it?

    And why does PopIt work but not the other 120 games on the site..

    Also, keeps going into mobile view even though i have it srt up to Desktop.. Wierd
  15. alphatronix

    alphatronix New Member

    Oracle would need to ship a Java plugin. Given that Google and Oracle are > currently in legal action about Android I would not expect such a plugin any > time in the near future.

    this is what mozilla told me... so there, dont expect to play runescape or pogo anytime soon.

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